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Before all else, it needs to be shared that officially now India

Jalsa , Mumbai                 Feb 25 , 2012                 Sat  11 : 45 PM

Before all else, it needs to be shared that officially now India has been finally declared a polio free nation by WHO, and the UNICEF wing for the eradication of polio, for whom I work as Ambassador, sends an acknowledgement :
 Great news, Amitabh! The Minister of Health, Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad has announced that today the World Health Organization officially declared that India has been taken off the list of polio-endemic countries. 

The Minister received the news this morning in a letter written by the WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan at the Polio Summit in Delhi.
Congratulations to India! Now, only 3 countries have never stopped polio transmission and remain polio-endemic: Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.
But to guard against importation and the prospect of a terrible outbreak we must continue to immunize our children against polio (and all six vaccine-preventable diseases) until eradication is achieved globally.
Thankyou SO MUCH for your tireless contribution to a polio-free India. Thanks to your help and the work of millions of volunteers, we can now hope that no Indian child be needlessly paralyzed by polio ever again.
Thanks again, congratulations, and a speedy recovery,
Rod Curtis
Communication Specialist
Polio Eradication Unit

It is most satisfying to learn that there are some institutions, that genuinely acknowledge the hard work, voluntarily put in towards this campaign. Hours and hours of work, through the years has finally resulted in an outcome of which I feel so proud. I feel the pride on two counts. One of course and the most important, that the disease has been eradicated from our region and two, the fact that UNICEF chose to send their gracious thanks to me in writing – we had if you remember made this announcement many months ago at a formal ceremony. WHO giving it the final credit is definitive confirmation. There has been no acknowledgement from the Government and one does not expect any either.

Being by myself and almost in solitary confinement, is getting contagious. I am beginning to rather like this state. No where to go, nothing obligatory to perform, random timings and the liberty to do what I desire. I eat whenever, sleep whenever, watch a movie whenever and happy doing so. The ‘little one’ comes up to meet me by the evening, wide eyed and now on the verge of recognizing things. There is wonder and amazement about them and all the cooing and cuddling that she goes through, must be a world she is so unfamiliar with. On occasion she smiles and the volume of affection around increases a few decibels. Wonder if she feels why we must change the tone of our sound during our conversations with her, and whether it really helps to connect more effectively. Always a mystery.

I watched a lovely film ‘The Artist’ via the UFO set up in the house and it was a delight to see a black and white, silent movie in February of 2012 !! In an age when color and music and speech and sound play such an important role in cinema today, it was most innovative on the part of the makers to present something like this. I believe it is up for the Oscars, which are out tomorrow on Sunday.
UFO is a company set up to project digital quality latest releases in your home through a process that, once the set up has been installed is akin to pressing a button, selecting the film desired and bingo ! there it is on a separate screen or your Tv. The quality of projection is top rated, over the 700 grade, and a real joy to have the liberty of stopping and resuming film when desired. Modern inventions are astonishing. It is becoming difficult to keep up with them at this rate. Within months an object of great technical desire becomes almost extinct and obsolete, compelling you to buy the next level, that has greater and finer capability. The process now is endless, the competition so hard that I shudder to think what the company’s that are in this business must be going through to ‘keep with the Jones’s’ !
Communication has not just facilitated the speed of communication, but has increased the capacity and the desire to know another. Strangers reduce in numbers. Information is rapid and execution of work related issues simplified beyond imagination. Where are we heading ? For us old timers it is a revelation. For our generation before, it would be frightening. When I handed over the first mobile phone to my Father several years ago to speak into, he almost refused to touch it. And he remained bewildered for days on end. Today my grandchildren introduce me to a new app., and I feel equally bewildered. And to think that the world of research and experimentation does not stop there, is even more perplexing. There seems to be an immediate answer and solution to almost all situations. The fear of the unknown has quietly vanished. Yet the ‘superior force’ that guides us to all this still remains the most important object of our lives. That belief shall over power all, with due respect, to all the atheists of the world and within our own little family.
The hunger to be in possession of that which the ‘other’ does not have shall continue to drive mankind in developing newer models and inventions.
I think gradually the body gains strength. A few movements that were prohibitive earlier, seem to be easing in and I do hope this trend continues. Your prayers and wishes remain with me each moment and I do know that it is their sincerity that drives me towards a quick recovery. Thank you again for it !
Much love …
Amitabh Bachchan 

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