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I tweeted earlier of ‘the return of the pain

Jalsa , Mumbai               Apr  19/20 ,  2012                      Thu/Fri  12 : 26 AM


Dearest Ef … there is something that needs to be put on record ! Each time there has been query, or suggestions asked, there has been a rush of ideas and comments that come in. To me they seem like several hands that stretch out to help a drowning man. Thank you for all that you suggest and inform. I am certain that one or more of the several ideas that I have received shall work out in such positivity that the work that shall be required by me to undertake, shall become simpler and a great deal more efficient !!


I tweeted earlier of 'the return of the pain', which for some odd reason sounds magically close to a large and popular Hollywood extravaganza venturing out as a sequel – an act, that seems to have reached mammoth proportions, not just in the western film fraternity, but one that has been substantially prevalent here in our Indian world of cinema too.

The dub of a film requires great effort to catch the right tone and graph of the scene, done some many months ago. In the dark and stark confines of a dubbing theatre, with just a microphone as your co artist, it does become quite a task. Repetitions to get the exact form, may sound easy, but they are not. The strain as we speak comes on to the stomach, as we all know. But with an injured belly and one that has suffered many, it does take its toll. So somewhere in the middle of my effort at 7 am for 'Department', that sharp pain, which seems like someone slid a knife into you, returns. And then remains. I do believe that the process of repair in that sensitive area is taking place, but every time fresh nerves muscles and whatever else there is in the body, tries to adjust to the foreign body that has recently been invited to the party, it shows its anger and possessive character. The pain that emanates is not, the pain. It is an allegory for a human reaction that bleeds with jealousy !!

I do understand the concern that this causes among many, but I merely share with you to keep you informed. I need not. Perhaps I should not. But I do know that the Ef would look upon it compassionately. Yes, I shall take care and follow appropriate measures to not do anything that would aggravate the situation. But rest assured, this is a long haul and incidents like this shall keep occuring.


The Rotary International, UNICEF and several distinguished dignitaries set up today an evening to felicitate yours truly, as the Champion for the cause of polio. As the UNICEF ambassador for this, it was mandatory that I attend. So at a dignified and respectful function in the evening, among laudable speeches of praise, my work and contribution towards this malaise, was given recognition. The speeches were most humbling and the evening, one of great pride, for as I had mentioned sometime ago, India for the first time did not record any cases of polio in an entire year. The Rotary organisation had a celebration too – 144 years ago, three gentlemen sitting by a fireside in one of their homes decided on the concept of the Rotary, and today April 19th was the day it was instituted ! I was most obliged and honored to have made a small contribution towards the eradication of the dreaded polio virus in our country. But the task is not over. We need to continue to work to see that we maintain these levels of achievement. According to world health authorities, a nation can only be declared completely polio free if it does not register a single case for three consecutive years. I do sincerely hope we can achieve that. Some of our neighboring countries still report polio cases and the fear always remains of an infiltration of the virus beyond the borders. And this would need attention and work. Pakistan and Afghanistan are two such regions and we must all work to see that both these countries are made completely free of this dreaded virus !


I spent some time with my computer expert to learn a few tricks of the trade and discovered to my horror, that I was ignorance personified in the various facilities that a lap top provides. Inventions and inventors have developed to such a degree that today when we face a problem, we feel safe in the believed fact, that somebody somewhere must have already found a solution to it and that we must have access to it – preferably on the press of a button ! Perhaps we rest with the fact that about 200 qualified geniuses, must have taken care of the 7 billion that inhabit this planet. And hence better to leave it to their judgement than try to reinvent. I am not certain whether this is such a bright thought. Most large and successful corporate businesses that have ownership by individuals, have always subjected their progeny to work their way up from the grass root level, than to walk into the head chair of succession, and function. Yes the next generation is there to inherit what this generation shall leave behind. But some where I feel, a sense of adding your own worth to the worth of what came to you on a silver plate, needs to be executed.


Abhishek and Aishwarya celebrate their wedding anniversary tomorrow April 20th, and it seems like yesterday when we were in the midst of all the rituals and celebrations for it. Time has flown by, additions have taken place, who shall very soon grow up to face and receive the inheritance of the elders. I pray and hope that we give them the comfort of their need after we are gone. And I hope and pray that they shall bring pride and joy to the legacy of my Father !


Calmness, patience, and the strong will, to overcome all that may ever be of trouble to you ..

I remain as ever with affection and love …

Amitabh Bachchan

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