Friday, April 20, 2012

That is part of our life. The Blog itself has been aloof from this with some deliberation

 Jalsa , Mumbai                    Apr 17/18  ,  2012                     Tue/ Wed  12 : 27 PM


The 4th birthday today the 17th of April … and it seems like just the other day we reached out to each other, in love affection and togetherness. We have grown from humble numbers to now in millions, from obscure remarks to serious debate, from existing humor to the history of specific issues. We have also formed a rather composite and evaluated family. Like all families we have been sensitive to each other. At times complimentary, and at times resentful. There have been moments when warring Ef's have begun to realize that the platform is bigger than individual battles. Ther have been times when associations have been formed which have remained lasting and firm.

We have expressed joy on some occasions and disgust or disagreement on others. That is part of our life. The Blog itself has been aloof from this with some deliberation. It cannot pass judgement on another. When it started it never laid any rules or regulations. Those that followed came with just one desire …. to communicate. They did not come here to settle scores, or challenge ego, or prove some undesired need. Love was and still is its main core and shall ever remain so. Peace at all costs is the only password. Disgruntled elements, must express yes. That is healthy. But to hold it against someone, is not what would please me. There are many that understand this and remain. Many do not and have left. The intellect of this medium could well be substandard. But we never professed that it would maintain certain levels of wisdom, judgement and wit. This is not some compulsory curriculum from an Ivy league institution. Let it remain so in its  innocence and guilelessness. Wisdom and intellect are welcome guests. But without any bindings.


Some Ef lament the fact that the attention span on Blog has been usurped by the association of the Twitter. No it has not. Were it to be so, a simple calculation would put matters to rest. 114 words cannot be compared to an average of 500, every day here. The warmth of this 500 is never going to be replicated in the 114. It cannot. It does not have the time and space. Irrespective of the odd hours that it takes to consume these discourses here, do appreciate that the consolation is in never bringing a single day of gap in our association. Is that indicative of a lack of interest ?


We build. We exchange. We enhance.

Noting could give me more pleasure than this … eternally !

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