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I have spent a great amount of time reading and assuaging the contents of the Blog

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I have spent a great amount of time reading and assuaging the contents of the Blog and the other social mediums, not just for today but for the years gone by and have reached a conclusion ..

The respect and honor you give me is unparalleled. I need to constantly keep working on not just myself but on what I believe in and what, with due respect, others believe in too. There is such a huge contribution of sentiment and literate observation through this portal, that I fear sometime what else can be done with it. Done not in a sense of expanding it deliberately but, in wishing that somehow this platform could become the harbinger of deeds that most individuals, citizens lack. The lack of education for all among those communities that have no avenues of acquiring it. The lack of basic medical facilities, that plague almost all those that come from humble means and need attention. The lack of legal and accountancy knowledge, in order to make the common man more aware of his or her rights … and so much more …


I think of this often and I think of how a beginning can be made. Perhaps some of you can make suggestions. I did attempt this when I was legally elected to a forum on which democratic principles are mandatory to follow – the Parliament. And I did begin certain medical facilities with the help of my own personal funds. But it came at a time when there was political vulnerability. Not being conscious of this phenomena, I failed to envelop myself with the rhino skin that was the adequate requirement, and withdrew. I do now, from free will. Free will when criticized shall have no bearing on me. Those that bark, bark so because that is all they are capable of. And some of them frankly, make quite a good living out of it. You can still get to a destination by walking on the wrong side of the street, provided of course you are cautious not to get hit by on coming traffic. And better still, if you are able to convince those that legalize the event, that you were right and the other wrong. Which I might add, is sadly what most that do not follow principle , do.

The other side of the story, often takes time. And if within that time, the wrong doer can summon up enough courage to be convincingly distracting the truth, you are well on your way to eternal forgiveness and nirvana.

I do not wish or hope to achieve nirvana. It is an abstract hypothesis. But my conscience is unaffected by this exultation. If that remains in order, I shall accept it as one that came from within my own truth. I would shudder to give it a title. Titles are the weakest manifestations of those of intellect, that dwell on this false hope that they are of intellect and sage mind !

Words constructed in description of such, are a convenience of communication. They do not impress me. The deed does. But not when it carries the burden of illustrative rendition. Do not dear Lord, burden me with the weight of interpreted translation. Let it be !! Let it be !! Let it be !!


In thought and desire and in loving exasperation …


Amitabh Bachchan 

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