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Praise for Amitabh Bachchan's Ekla Chalo Re

Praise for Amitabh Bachchan's Ekla Chalo Re

Kolkata, Mar 13 (PTI) Amitabh Bachchan singing in his trademark baritone the famed Rabindrasangeet 'Ekla Chalo Re' for the film 'Kahaani' has drawn applause from Tagore exponents who are willing to pardon him for minor glitches of pronunciation. "He is not a Bengali and so his pronunciation will be different. But he has made an honest effort and given full respect to the song," veteran Rabindrasangeet singer Pramita Mallick, who also recorded the same song for an album earlier, told PTI here. Classical vocalist Indrani Sen, a Bachchan fan, says she has always loved the baritone of the megastar. "If you talk about pronunciation then even Asha Bhonsle has sung a number of Tagore songs where her accent wasn't perfect. But they were all hits and so is this song," said Sen about the song by Big B singing two verses, both in Bengali and Hindi with music by Vishal Shekhar. Singer-director Debashish Raychaudhuri said, "If you ask me for a critical appraisal then I will say that he could have worked on the pronunciation. But even then his voice has touched my heart." Young vocalist Manoj Murali Nair dubbed the 69-year-old actor's rendition as 'experimental'. "The song is experimental and can't be seen as a proper Tagore song. The song has come out well and in a very trendy way which will help the genre to find new listeners," he said. Describing the song as "truly awesome and worthy of all awards, Bachchan had said, "May I just say that singing Rabindrasangeet for the first time was the greatest revelation. The beauty of the language, the lyricism of the tune and its 'dhun' (music) are outstanding." The song, one of Mahatma Gandhi's favorites, was penned in 1905 by Tagore.

I live and exist with my soul .. a soul tormented by the memory of my Father

 Jalsa , Mumbai                Mar 12/13  , 2012        Tue/Wed  2 : 46 AM for 3 : 25 AM
I live and exist with my soul .. a soul tormented by the memory of my Father, his presence, his works, his words and his great mind .. they play in my ear now as I attempt at this early hour to speak to you, to express what must simply be an exasperated act for you and all the Ef .. but I would be dishonest if I did not share what now has become my alter … in more ways than one …
In todays time and space it may seem odd, weaving close to an eccentricity .. so be it .. but I compose and sing and listen with eyes shut and transpose to a situation where there is tranquility in solitude .. I shudder to share, to allow interference .. for, too long have I spent wasteful time in catering where service is shunned … where thought and care and understanding is taken as a given … what will the most talented and knowledged give opinion on this, when they are unaware of the depth of the emotion that rides parallel to my thought … I would feel diminished and vacant were it to occur so .. this moment must remain with me and me alone .. it is verily impossible to expect a meet of souls … there would be the possibility of an opinion that could be right in the eye of the righteous .. that look upon it from a distance .. that pay service of appreciation because it is righteous to do .. that is a compromise .. soul needs an aloofness,  no reverent compromise, unfettered attachment … this I obtain within, not without or with another, not because I would not entertain it … I would .. but the assurance needed is frightening .. once given out and not of consonance .. would devastate. That consonance would require immense sensibility, not necessarily of high degree – mine is not of that value – but one that would sink into the abyss with me … why would anyone be interested in that ??
Living and existing then with my soul … brings me to the beginning .. a beginning that really is truthfully, the end ..
Signing off with my name would for this instant seem ungainly and devoid of what is desired .. a blankness, a void, vacuumed and floating … perhaps to appear … perhaps not !!

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