Thursday, February 23, 2012

Big B discharged from hospital

Big B discharged from hospital

MUMBAI: After 13 days of hospital stay, actor Amitabh Bachchan went home on Thursday late evening. He was recuperating at Seven Hills Hospital in Marol after being operated upon for hernia.

Doctors treating the superstar said he was "doing well" and after a few days of rest he should be back on his feet. Bachchan was operated for bilateral inguinal hernia, a condition where soft tissues protrude through weak spots in the abdominal wall and cause pain. Bachchan's son Abhishek and wife Jaya accompanied him on his way home.

Bachchan had to undergo back-to-back surgeries to repair the dual hernia he was diagnosed with. During the hospital stay, the actor was also administered mild doses of antibiotics and protein intravenously owing to his liver's vulnerable condition. He could have gone home few days after the hernia surgery but doctors kept him under observation for a few days as his liver functions were "little weak".

He tweeted on Thursday, "The beauty of taking a shower without the tapes and wires and bandages .. it's like being reborn". Earlier, Bachchan had blogged about the pangs of living with a 6 inch needle entrenched in his neck vein.

Doctors relieved him of tubes on Wednesday after which he could walk around comfortably. He was allowed to take discharge on Wednesday itself when doctors figured he was healing well. Bachchan, in his blog, had said how there were two incisions on the lower belly. "They (the incisions) look clean and neat, but obviously a presence you would rather not have among the already rather congested stomach," he blogged. The actor may not have to visit the hospital for follow-ups as it will be taken care of at his residence.

This was the fourth surgery Bachchan had to undergo since his near-fatal intestinal injury in 1982. He was gravely injured during the filming of Coolie in one of the fight scenes. The accident had ruptured his spleen and had caused significant blood loss and eventually gave rise to serious liver problems. He had remained critically ill in hospital for many months, at a few times close to death.
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