Saturday, March 3, 2012

Time moves rapidly through the day and night

Jalsa , Mumbai                    March  2/3 , 2012                    Fri/ Sat  1 : 04 AM

‘Twas just the other day when it was November, and suddenly it is March. Time moves rapidly through the day and night, we watch it go by. It was the 11th of Feb a short while ago and 5 and half hours of surgery that we talked of and now, we talk of recovery .. strange are the ways of life and of time ..

When there is nothing to do even the most non event sounds and looks enterprising. I look forward to the papers in the morning and when I shall be able to go through them. I look forward to the timings of my medication – its an event that I must not ignore. The odd visitor that promises to drop by is looked forward to, to share and talk of subjects unknown and discussions that remain un resolved. Fun. It takes up time. Time to get back to the top on the lap and to start connecting, reading comments, reacting to them and finally to be responding to them. Just as it may be interesting to you to learn what I may be up to, I yearn to read what all of you are up to. I appreciate the commonness of our thoughts. The pleasant at times and the un pleasant too. The woes and the worries of the many Ef, their struggles and achievements, their thoughts and their opinions. They are educative for me. I pride in talking about them when I disclose my activities on the blog to others. They do not believe that we function so. I ask and invite them to see and read themselves, and after they do, either they join in or express amazement. I have never looked upon any kind of achievement that this platform may have gained. Neither do I look upon it as some great commercial achievement, which, I might add, in todays materialistic world, no one is willing to believe. But that is the way it is despite many tempting offers being brought up regularly.

I watch the Iranian film ‘A Separation ‘, the one that won the Oscar for best foreign film. It is simple yet binding. I am still to complete it. Perhaps tomorrow. Many other friends send in dvd’s of films I should be watching. Books to read. Scripts to consider. They have been with me for long and I admire their patience. They respect my condition I think, but I should be responding to them soon. Some will work, some will not.
I have still to venture out to the piano. It lies in the office. Maybe soon when I begin to move a bit more I shall undertake the journey and spend time in music and tune and creation within my very limited means. A visitor gave me a picolo to learn and a book on how it should be done. Sweet. More members of the family are planning trips to the home. It shall be filled with the laughter of the young again and the ‘chahal pehal’ of domesticity, something that I love and enjoy most ..
In adversity and in adverse conditioning, it is this, it is this, it is this, that attracts …
And of course the attraction of the bed and a Tv sports programme to keep me company, till I nod off .. at times with the set still on … !!
Love to you dear ones .. live the utmost everyday !!
Amitabh Bachchan

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