Monday, September 19, 2011

It matters not what time may have in store for you

Jalsa , Mumbai              Sept 15/16 ,  2011                    Thu/Fri  2 : 31 AM
It matters not what time may have in store for you .. it matters what you have stored for time ..
It matters not whether you shall be deprived of sleep at this late hour of closing ..
It matters more that there shall be many that shall anxiously wait to not be deprived of a post ..
I may seem philosophical and somewhat insane, but it is the insanity of beings that brings us life .. life to live to work to share and to deliver in the end, with commitment hope and sincerity. I shall always wish that I shall have sufficient strength to be able to live up to all three. But even if a singular were to be taken into account, I would feel satisfied. Yes I do read comment that I work too hard. Hard work is difficult to describe. I am at a loss to describe my feelings when I hear the immaturity of comments which state ‘how hard they have been working’ ! How does one really measure or gauge what ‘hard’ denotes. Does ‘hard’ have points written on it or percentages that determine for us the degree or measure of what they represent. I would tend to side with a ‘no’. Then how does one gauge ? It cannot. Because ‘hard’ is subjective and shall differ from each. Each individual shall have his or her own recognition of the abstract ‘hard’. I loathe it when I hear expressions of ‘the amount of hard work put in’. Its rubbish for me ! When you express the amount of hard work you are doing, you have given it a measure. That for me is ridiculous, because hard work is one that cannot be measured or mapped or given points for. Yes I begin my day from 6 in the morning and its getting close to almost 3 now. It shall mean in a few hours that there has been work for an entire 24 hours ! So … would you describe this as ‘hard’. And if yes could you also give reasons for it. Your yardstick shall never match mine ! And I am happy that it never shall. We all present ourselves with similar yard sticks which determine for us, what our measure for individual act is. Indeed the very fact that you have desire to measure work, is defeatist in my opinion. If you have the capacity to define your work then you are quite unconsciously providing it limit. I disagree most strongly with the notion, that there can be a limit to work. And that ladies and gentlemen is the reason for my attitude.
My body or my situation could limit my ability to work. But that in no way is a yardstick to work. Work is constant. Or perhaps not constant at all, depending on how you wish to look at it.
‘Man shall sweat and work for his bread. Women shall bear child in pain.’ It has been ordained and it shall remain. And not a single element of the universe shall have the capacity to change this idiom. So help me the maker and creator of this universe.
We are all lost in expression for that which beholds us … until we overcome this hurdle we shall remain subservient and perhaps lost …
I am too … lost in manner and mood .. and who knows in indescribable work !!
Amitabh Bachchan

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