Wednesday, November 2, 2011

If the desire to write is not accompanied by actual writing then the desire is not to write

Jalsa  , Mumbai              Nov  2,  2011        Wed  11 : 56 PM
 ” If the desire to write is not accompanied by actual writing then the desire is not to write”
 And so I write .. but in limitation, in the need to communicate, in lateness of the night and in joy ! The joy of the victory of those that strive and struggle in life without warning, expectation and hope. But they collect it along the route and when the road comes to an end, they find themselves lost in thought in word and in deed. Somewhat like the winner tonight of the maximum 5 cr at KBC .. an episode that I believe was watched by an entire nation in belief raptures and feeling. Feeling for those that can live the way they do and never ever to think of living again like so.
What do these individuals dwell with in their minds and shells of the body ? Meagre they were and would have been in all respects of life had they not been given opportunity. But having got it, to not allow it to disappoint them, is the marvel of our lives.
To know and yet not, is quite a phenomenal state to be in. But to still bear the anxiety despite the known outcome is exceptional. That to me is the true value of success, of representation and of the merit of the situation.
Tonight despite the results being played out somewhat deliberately on the final of KBC, it was an amazing experience to be a part of history and an honor to help create it. The human spirit of defying achievement with the strength of conviction and learning needs a longer debate and research, but of this I am certain, that the perseverance of simplicity in the shadow of great knowledge can never fail to bring result.
It did tonight and shall I hope continue to bring in the years and centuries to come. This is the truth, the exactitude, the preservation of it and the modality of its example. You fail in words when need is needed to elaborate such discussion, but were it not to be, it would be an unfortunate incidence.
Yes I do go out to the street at times. Yes I do value those that do and why. And yes it is never going to be an experience which should put me in surprise. I am from birth in its environ. But just because I shield myself from the servings of my profession, does not mean that I shall be incapable of it. In fact I shall be more. I am there and I am what I am, it is the other that needs to shift and place and adjust. He or she is making the difference, the change in their disposition and their view of what transpires. Why would it bother me at all. Bother shall bother those that shall bother ..

I am so full of the moment of KBC … I am devoid of emotion and what transpired as has been the case I am certain, of those that viewed it. It was not the value of the money that was won, but the value of the moment .. that shall always remain indescribable !!

Good night and may you all be ever blessed with happiness ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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