Friday, June 3, 2011

Finished the Tv series The Kenneddy’s’ and I cannot tell you how desperately I did not want it to end

Jalsa , Mumbai   June  1 ,  2011     Wed  11 : 40 PM
Finished the Tv series ‘The Kenneddy’s’ and I cannot tell you how desperately I did not want it to end. There is something about this name and family that has a mesmerizing effect on all. At least me for sure. The magnitude of their ambition, the dogged pursuit of the patriarch Joe Kennedy in always wanting to come out a winner, on top and undefeated, is material for legendary articulation. The strength exuded by each member in accomplishing what they had set themselves out to be, the confidence of achieving it and the hidden unspoken will of those that took the decisions, is simply remarkable. It all seems as though it had been ordained. A mystic reverberation in a world that still struggles to counter its natural and human tendencies. The family seemed to be running on a platform elevated from the others, just to be able to accomodate their pre conceived self imposed conditions for their existence ! For each member to be continuously conscious of position and event and possible repercussion, it is incredible how they were able to even lead themselves into normalcy. Is it any wonder that ‘Camelot’ was inscribed in all their wonders - an association of glittering romance and optimism.
Many families the world over have lived and existed in such high profile. Have shifted power and governance within themselves through generations. In business and politics and entertainment, indeed in many walks of life. Born encouraged and guided in their pursuit for eminence and power, they live exalted life, pressured and envied, ridiculed and hated. When you fail in your own achievement, you begin to castrate the achievement of others. There is an evil glee in deriding the other, of finding continuous fault, of expressing a warped sense of joy at their failure. This is their ultimate fulfillment and their only achievement. What a life to live ! Waiting patiently and expectantly for the left overs to appear, the crumbs of wasted morsel, to ultimately prevent them from groveling for their undesired thirst ! If wretchedness could be given its highest definition, this would be it.
But let not the mind and body suffer such indifferent, callous and undesired element. Walk on ! When we stop we allow our feet to be festered with the wounds that these ‘other’ carry. They shall eventually perish - one generally does when one is dependent only on the action of another. But what a life ! Dependency on another, whose extent of existence will not be demarcated by the other but by the principal. Ahhh ! Begone ye, that show patient longing for event or matter, for, that is their bread and butter and the extension of their life. Never ever to be in position of their own. Never ever to write their own scripts and screenplays. Never. But to be searching and scrounging the left overs, so they could assemble a meal !
I retire now, exhausted with the turn of my own effort and work. And a pity for those that have no work of their own, but wait by the door patiently for subject to appear so they may have the facility to cook a gentle meal for themselves …
Good night !!!
Amitabh Bachchan

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  1. Aadarniya Amit ji, Sadar Pranam!
    aapke jeevan se prerna lekar main apne utar-chadav bhare jeevan path par pichle 20 varshon se agrasar hun. aap mere prerna strot hain.
    Amit ji main dilli main ek samajik karykarta ke taur par thodi bahut logon ki sewa kar apni aatma ko tript kar leta hun. Amit ji abhi gat 4june ko Baba Ramdev ka jo Bhrashtachar ko lekar dilli ke Ramlila Maidan main Anshan chal raha tha aur usme hazaron log shamil hue , Raat karib 1:30 baje dilli police ne so rahe Hazaron nihte masoom logon par lathi charge kiya unhe vahan se khaded diya gaya yeh sab Kendr Sarkar UPA ki Mukhiya KANGRESS Ke ishare par hua jise manniya Pradhanmantri ji ne swikar bhi kiya ki 4 june ki raat jo bhi hua Durbhagypurn tha . Dilli police ke us raat ke karyvahi Tandav ne Angrezi Hukumat ke Amritsar ke Zaliyawalan Bagh ki yaad taza kar 1974-1975 ki Emergency ki bhi yaad taza kar har Bharatvasi ki Aatma ko Jhakjhor kar rakh diya, lekin bahut afsos ke sath yehan yeh likhne ko main mazboor hun ki lagbhag har Rashtriy Mudde par apni Tipni dene wale Bharat ki Pehchan hamare Amitabh Bacchan ji ki koi pratikriya nahi aie jo ki Dukh pradan karti hai lagta hai aapko bhi kendr ki UPA SARKAR KO CHALANE WALI SONIA GANDHI SE DAR LAGTA HAI .AGAR MUNASIB SAMJHE TO JAWAB AWASHY DEN. AAPKA - Abhimanyu Gulati


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