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There are times when one needs to resolve whether it is going to bring you down or you shall

Jalsa , Mumbai                         Apr  12,  2012                                 Thu  11 : 14 PM

There are times when one needs to resolve whether it is going to bring you down or you shall overcome it by sheer will. Most would prefer the latter, and many that sit on judgement would expect that from someone like me too. Sometimes it becomes inevitable that those whom you admire or show fondness to, are the ones that seem to be devoid of any shortcomings. Many a time there are matters which defy resolve, but in the eyes of the follower seem to be coming along quite naturally, and with effect. This is one of the greatest fallacies of humanity. The admired live normal, talk and behave normal and are in fact normal. Put on a pedestal for deeds that come with professional tags, does not give freedom to believe that they are beyond human flailing. They are. They are weak and uncertain, with fault and misgivings. Perfection may be their professional aim, but are far away from any test laid down by others.

I may be engulfed by negativity, hypothetically, of my own doing. That will not absolve me of wrong doing, or severe punishment. The law of the land in a civil society that lives within the tenets of freedom, shall always be supreme. If justice were to be excluded, then we are in wrong hands – at least in a polity that clammers for a democratically, free society. And this irrespective of who or what I may be.

It is hateful  by me when reference is made on issues as follows : Ah ! But you are Mr B sir, what issues or problems can you possibly have that will not get resolved.

WRONG !! I am another citizen. What rights are given to others is given to me. What rules and regulations and articles of constitution are for the others, prevail for me as well. I stand in queue at airports or entrances to events. I am driven past many that follow regulation by managers of the location, feigning urgency or emergency. This is not correct. I can read through them and abide by the dictat. Others make way, perhaps out of respect. I am humbled, but not enough to side line the rule. Some who consider smartness on such moments to be a qualification, look at me cynically and make comment. ” Stop trying to pretend by humility !” or ” we have had enough of your self deprecation, it is time you changed and became real “.

Had enough of my self deprecation ? Who are you to pass ruling on character ? It is just an excuse for you to have the liberty to make comment on, by saying ‘he is an arrogant old fool’, when I change my stance or position. That is all, that is its value. Had enough of my self deprecation ?? Are you going to decide how I should conduct myself. I have spent 42 years with my conduct professionally and 70 years of it with my age. Get first, to just 1 year of my profession and 7 years of my age in life, before embarking upon a holier than thou, unfounded, gender bended opinion !!

My happiness and pain and my accomplishment does not need your degraded yellowed ink. One shall always remain a master of ones own being … unless of course he or she is some divinity, for then even I or any other like me, would be unable to assist you in achieving what you set out to be – God !

There are many symbolic God’s on this planet. Choose to be one of them, before self appointing yourself in that coveted chair ..

My love,

Amitabh Bachchan

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  1. Dear Shri Amitabhji,

    This is to share an experience regarding the pain that persists or reappears.

    My wife had a stomach operation a few years back. All tests appeared normal, including the CT scan, but the pain would not go. After closed scrutiny of the CT scan one of the doctors noticed something on the Pancreas. After lot of study it was found that there is small scratch on the Pancreas which might have accidently happened during the operation. She was treated with antibiotic and the pain disappeared never to return again.

    Blessings and Best wishes for your speedy recovery.

    I K Narang


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