Thursday, April 12, 2012

What pain and grief and sorrow and divinity and joy belonging to me shall convey

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What does one know of oneself ? Knowing it shall suffice in not knowing any other. We spend anxious hours in knowing another, when it is we that must know us. Others can sit and stand beside in front or behind, but if they cannot walk like you, they may well prefer to be stationary.

The judgement of another about myself is the realisation of what I convey. What never does get conveyed, shall be victorious in another mind ; perhaps not mine own ..

What pain and grief and sorrow and divinity and joy belonging to me shall convey, is immaterial to another. Sympathies are the weakest expression of togetherness. What good shall it bring to another ? A justification of one’s sympathy shown shall be at most an obligation, that the two shall fulfill. But at times, the burden of this obligation comes at moments when it measures heavy. Will the tear that flows from the other’s eye ever be able to flow from mine ?

Let us then be assured in belief that the path that we walk, shall be one where each traveller is by itself, where till eternity we shall never succeed in sharing our sorrows ever !!

‘doosaron ki vedna mein vedna jo hai dikhaata, vedna se mukti ka nij harsh kewal vo chipaata …’

He that shows his grief, his sorrow to another’s grief, merely hides the joy of he himself being free from such sorrow ..

These are the expressions of a poet, my Father, during his period of immense sorrow in his disposition and his life. It was also the verse he recited at his friends place where he met my Mother for the first time. When the recitation ended, they decided to be man and wife for the rest of their lives …

The tale is old and perhaps being replayed. But its cynicism and the strength of its pouring did have the energy to bring two absolute unknowns, from extreme different backgrounds, faiths, distances and up bringing, to meet quite by accident, to become providentially, man and his better half !

I already have better half, as do many that visit us, but universality of words cannot become the domain and property of one single individual ..

I share because I care ..


Amitabh Bachchan

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