Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If it has been disturbing for many that I have indulged in this practice

Hospital 7 Hills, Mumbai                                         Feb 19,  2012                                           Sun 11 : 53 PM

Some of the most inspired writing comes at times when time has no value. If it has been disturbing for many that I have indulged in this practice at 4 in the morning, then I just this to defend myself with. A visitor asked me today how I decided what I was going to write about. I do not prepare or think ahead on this. I open my laptop, open the Blog window and page, punch in the DAY and the location date and time details and then start writing whatever comes to my mind at that moment. There is no agenda as such, there is no predetermined detail with me, unless I need to put something up of printed or photographed interest. And then I keep plodding along. Many ask me how I find the time to do all this, appreciate the fact that I have been diligent and consistent. My answer to them is, time finds me ! Truly ! This is not some deliberate smart remark to impress, it is something that happens in programmed fashion. Not within the limits of my time management, but one that pleasantly knocks on my door and even before I can reach out to open the entrance, enters, as though it was invited.
The morning, even after the 4:30 am slumber time, happened by 7 am .. I never felt deprived of sleep hours, but did feel that I was completely drenched in perspiration. This, despite the air in the room being conditioned for duvet coverage. So a quick costume change was organized, sheets changed and I went back horizontal. But to no avail. So within minutes I propped myself up through the gadgetry of the remote pad by my side, and sat up to face concerned sisters of the hospital on night duty ! The doctor at the nursing station outside my room Mihir also comes in and expresses his views on how sleep acts as an essential healing process and that if I defy it my condition would not improve. I am about to defy him when he wishes if he could say some words to me. I agree.
” I have seen all your films Sir, right from my childhood and was just watching ‘Sarkaar’ , when I was informed of my duty on your case. I have seen the film around 50 times, its my favorite and is loaded permanently on my computer. Just wanted you to know that I find this too coincidental, for, I was with you when you were in Leelavati Hospital in your earlier ailment some years ago.”
Now how does one disobey Mihir after this.
When the computer network had failed in the middle of the night and I had shown my anguish of having not been able to post my Blog, I sought help from the IT department of the Hospital. Within minutes a young man came by fixed the issue and on further query on the wifi connectivity, answered almost in embarrassed fearful tone -
” Sir I am soft ware engineer,  do not know much about connectivity first time meeting Amitabh Bachchan good night sir. ”
Said in the plainest of tones in one breath without any change of expression either on face or speech. Brings a smile to my face as I narrate it. Simplicity in the human is the most endearing feature of mankind. Those that dwell in that realm are fortunate to not have been polluted.
Had a toast today after long. Never realized how important an element becomes after it has been taken away from you. The story of life virtually …
My love my gratitude …

Amitabh Bachchan

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