Sunday, April 8, 2012

It is a healthy mix of the Indian Classical in Raag Basant

Jalsa , Mumbai                     Apr 7/8 ,  2012                     Sat/Sun  1 : 09 AM

Magdalena celebrated her birthday yesterday and we wish her belated greetings. Happiness always, fulfillment and all the joys that life could bestow upon you .. 

And now at the music studio a Song of Peace .. an effort to bring sanity amidst all the violence and evil … an attempt to gather communities together and to lend their individual might in furthering this cause …
It is a healthy mix of the Indian Classical in Raag Basant, vocals by Khan Saheb a distinguished vocalist from afar, Aadesh, a Philharmonic from London along with an entire chorus, and bits and pieces of a rather out of tune AB !
We propose to put it up in concert here to collect funds for the families of the security police men that lost their lives in the 26/11 terrorist attack on Mumbai. A noble cause, I thought, for, the ones that make the sacrifice are the ones whose families suffer the most. Those that have left us cannot be back with us, but as citizens, the least we can do for them, would be to remember the moment and offer some help to those that grieve.
It was to happen in February, but the surgery held it back and needs planning again.

I travel again tomorrow … to Pune, for the opening of a spanking new Stadium for the Pune Warriors, an IPL cricket team, that made an astonishing win against a formidable opponent last night. I must admit that having no work, or rather recuperating so I can get one, has driven me to the television with some expectation. Timings of sporting events, interesting serials, both from the country and abroad have become increasingly attractive. The day used to revolve around my work schedules earlier. Now they revolve around the next game or show on the box. It is most habit forming. And may I say it has become an attractive pastime. I look forward to it. Find out the schedules from the press, and work my timings around it … such joys within !!
I am a little pressed for time again today. The clock watch has been inattentive. It is past the 1 : 30 AM mark, a description that shall have severe reactions from the Ef, I do know ..
So … good night dear ones and my wishes for a pleasant night ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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