Saturday, November 12, 2011

I had hoped that my blog today would be a compensatory for the short

Jalsa , Mumbai            Nov 10/11, 2011             Thu/Fri  12 : 16 AM
 I had hoped that my blog today would be a compensatory for the short and cryptic one last night. But .. it seems very likely that its going to be quite the opposite. The doctor has moved in now and instructed in very severe terms that I need to take it easy and rest more and sleep well ahead of my normal sleeping time.
I need to respect what my very conservative doctor has to say, and so shall again make this very short.

The recording for the Finale for KBC took place today and it took an entire day to do so. It was considered that we would be able to wrap before lunch, but my estimations were much different. It has taken an entire day and more to finish every last bit of work and I hope that it turns out fruitful. Then when the work finished there was this great demand for pictures – the crew, technicians, audience management, control room, electricians, production, PR, stage and set hands … the list is endless and shall take up a great deal more than what needs to be required.
It has been an exceptional season this year and when one leaves such environs there is bound to be a deep feeling of not wanting to depart. All the little little things that made up these extraordinary days on set was of a very distinguished quality. A routine had been set, people worked to maintain a sense of togetherness in all these days. And today one had to say our ‘bye byes’. Tough when you have to do this, but I guess you must bury the old so that the new prosper. The new will indeed take over, and should. But in a most deserving and disciplined manner.
It has been an experience of a lifetime working on KBC and i do hope that this continues even further in the years to come ..
Good night dearest ones … more later …..
Amitabh Bachchan
Happy Birthday Rochelle … long and happy life, fulfillment and joy always .. love to you

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