Thursday, August 4, 2011

I am now in a state of delirium ! The eyes are weakened, the body slumps and the brain refrains from any kind of positive act BigB

Patna , Bihar     Aug  3, 2011        Wed 10 : 45 PM
I am now in a state of delirium ! The eyes are weakened, the body slumps and the brain refrains from any kind of positive act. The fatigue has set in rather well. But … my connect with the Ef must remain pure pristine and punctual !
The multitudes in Patna, the fans and the crazy zeal of their affection. The roars of excitement all along the streets of the city, thousands upon thousands for hours lining streets and facilities. The heavy loaded cavalcade of security and state police. The traffic being stopped so we could move around swiftly - never a good thought with me. Its unfair to the people. But an enthusiastic administration does not take too many chances ..
A visit to the Cinepolis and the press conference, which I must add was conducted in the most civil and disciplined manner. And then invited over to the Chief Minister’s residence for tea, by Nitish Kumar. A simple and modest man and one that has gained the respect and admiration of all due to his hard work in bringing the state up to a standard which has gained immense praise.
Then off to my friend Subhash K Jha’s residence for dinner. Subhash, a columnist and journalist of great repute among the film industry and the acknowledgement of a long standing promise. The hospitality is warm and affectionate, the food different and typical of Bihar - litti chokha and all and the ‘dahi’ incredible !! But what is amazing is that even in the late hours of the night the masses of fans outside and around the house and spilling on to the maidan behind … simply unbelievable !! Their roars at each appearance on the balcony and their obstinacy to remain there till I leave shall long remain in my memory. Thank you Patna .. you have been a perfect host and have made a permanent place in my heart …
My eyes are burning with lack of sleep and the body slumps with exhaustion, so I must retire - have been saying that too often lately - for tomorrow the visit to Lucknow in U.P has been called off. The administration of the State has just denied us the permission to come to the city to promote the film Aarakshan. Unofficial reports from the police state that they have instructions to arrest us if we were to land in Lucknow … !!! So we respect the dictat of the system and fly instead to Delhi direct skipping Lucknow ..
It is strange to prevent us from coming into the city fearing a law and order situation, for the Censor Board has already given us a certificate for exhibition .. a bit strange do you not think ??
Anyway the idea is not to argue and fight with the system but to obey the law and their dictat. Period .
I shall be more lucid by the morrow .. shall have ample time to do so .. and so till then …
Amitabh Bachchan

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