Saturday, November 26, 2011

Got this on my mobile among so many other gifts of names for the little one

Jalsa , Mumbai             Nov  24 ,  2011               Thu  11 : 23 PM
चूहे ने किया शेरनी को propose ,
गिफ्ट दिया उसने रेड rose
शेरनी ने कहा जा पहले अपनी सूरत आइने में देख ,
चूहा बोला सूरत पे मत जा पगली confidence तो देख !!!!
Got this on my mobile among so many other gifts of names for the little one. Little does she know what she has started. She sleeps through most of the day except for feeds and has been most obedient and well behaved ! Ha ha ha !!
The search for the name does intensify now and each spare moment we go through hundreds of them, including some rather odd ones as well .. eg Rochelle’s sister suggested with an A : Anonymous !!
I shall leave that one for you to comment on !!
Time goes by and my routine that has till now been devoid of any void is suddenly finding itself free and spare. The baby does take up cause and interest and time but never of any length. The moments spent with her even though one encounters shut eyes, are the most pleasant and fulfilling, but what after. I think there is an indication here to take up vocations that one has always wanted to pursue – that music lesson, language … reading to catch up … and on …
Sitting out in the sun today after what seemed like ages, one felt the need of exposure. Of the breeze and the heat on the face, changing colors of the skin in sun burn shades, perspiration to open up the pores, the feel of the wet grass under bare feet, the fragrance of the flowers – the little that Mumbai with all its surroundings permits. There is need to clean up tables full of paper work. letters and documents and the odd artifacts and material that one collects with each trip, or each day. There is a heartlessness in tearing or shredding them. That sound of the tear or the machine grinding it to little shreds is harsh. It almost speaks as it were in desperation on why this hellish treatment. I would sympathize with that and it gives me reason to store and collect and not destroy what once comes in – that envelope, the ribbon on a package, a letter hand written in the day of laptops and computers, a card, that hurried note on a piece of the Hotel paper napkin … all so deserving of being given a proper and dignified berth in my home or on my desk and drawers. They say a clustered room demonstrates a clustered mind … really ?? Mine must fall into that category and up in the charts. But really … clustered ?? Hmmm …
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di .. Ahh … just not leaving the lips and the mind and the system .. such an endearing experience. Brings a smile and laughter and rhythm instantly to the face .. get to YouTube, type Dhanush and Kolaveri di .. its his latest song that has become a rage all over.
Dhanush, son-in-law of Rajnikant a young brigade superstar in Tamil Cinema married to Aishwarya, Rajni’s daughter.. its loverly …
Kolaveri .. Tamil for rejected lovers rage, in a sweet way .. now getting used as verbiage in almost any walk of life, social, political …every where !! tremendous !!
Ok gotta go … kolaveri beckons  .. see ya ..
Amitabh Bachchan 

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