Saturday, November 26, 2011

A deep yawn before I start to push buttons is not the most welcome sign

Jalsa , Mumbai              Nov 25,  2011                 Fri  11 : 45 PM
  A deep yawn before I start to push buttons is not the most welcome sign … at least for a beginning. There is though the argument that ‘even though I yawn, it indicates that I am at least awake’. Yes I am awake. Awake to all that goes around, within and without. Within has that tendency to remain within. Without is without doubt, for it is present and live and noticed and commented upon and argued.
I am happy that I do not have much without, and much within. My strength to argument and debate is weak. My debate within is more attuned to reason and logic. Without, it gets injected by polluted thoughts not worthy of argument. Speaking out the within is not in nature. Speaking out the without, unworthy of expression.
It is a tolerable state. A state of discipline and reserve and patience. Not many claim its purity. But I do. Better to laugh within than allow others to laugh without. Its a generous state to be in, difficult to pursue, but fruitful when followed. Fruitful to me that is. All may not want to endorse this and in a free and democratic world, it is permissible. Each individual must exercise their individual franchise, bought or unbought !

The gym is a regular now, more so because there is complacency creeping in in the absence of work. A quick drive through the streets to the facility, through early morning risers, through traffic light breakers, through disregard to laws in automobile regulations, past zebra crossings where its literal meaning is paid greater heed to, to mankind walking in the opposite direction of your travel on the wrong side of the road immersed in mobile conversation … ahh ! who cares !! Call attention to their errors and get an abuse in return or a folded hand gesture to be spared of the mistake. Mistake ? I think not. You need to follow a rule to make one. But when you do not follow where the question of mistake. The rule is your own interpretation of it. So bless you and may you survive the unfortunate repercussions of a God forbid situation. There are never any concerns for that because, they would be safe, the driver and vehicle would not. They would be set fire upon and blamed for drunken or reckless driving.
But one tries to set example by following at a lone position what everyone else must and does not. Those driving past look at you in queer mode. But heaven help if we were to be caught breaking rule and regulation. It is the arrogance of celebrity they would state, their ego and self imposed culture !!
The news as you flash past on the tread mill during the cardio resembles a tale of unimaginable proportions. The topics, the background score, the slow motion emphasized shots, the accusatory tone of the anchor and the final verdict on the mobile service that phones in to the question put forward. All in line with a well crafted Shakespearean play that envelops one and refuses to free you and your mind.
The dub for an endorsement follows for FORCE ONE, the SUV from Force Motors which I have worked on with the Oscar nominated Shekhar Kapoor and soon after as I trundle out, the information that Sachin has missed his 100th hundred by a mere 6 runs !! Pain and disappointment ! But hope that it shall happen soon – perhaps in Australia where they play next.
Technology takes over next – mobile transfers, lap tops, digital cameras – and the need to understand each aspect in this fast moving world, where your grandson overpowers you with his knowledge and makes you look archaic and used beyond any use !! And then the baby ! Still, asleep, in her own dreams and smiles of gentle joy of what she sees …
There are visitors too. Important ones. Ladies and friends and later an entertainment for them through ‘Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri di’, the instant rage from Dhanush and Aishwarya – son in law and daughter of Rajnikant – in the music lab, belting out the most simple and fun and catchy number in recent times. A TamilEnglish wonder !! Glory be !!

” Hurry up Balki !!” I yell, as he wanders in to see the new born, ” before I lose all that I have “. Another month he says and after a delightful and fun filled dinner of anecdotes and recent film release result assertions, I am before you in stable and congenial condition to seek absence now, or face the wrath of my medical team that insists that I be under the lights and quilt and sheets and pillows, somewhat rapidly !!
Did you ever realize what a great deal of inconsistent rubbish I write on this platform. If you have not it is time that you did ….
Good Night …
Amitabh Bachchan 

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