Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The ending of another day, another time another world BigB

Sydney , Australia  Aug  29 ,  2011     Mon  10 : 30 PM
The ending of another day, another time another world. In ways the same but in ways beyond. Disclosure did mean not much, for there must be meaning to it. Right now there is none.
Its travel time again and back to roots and home. Time has been spent well and hopefully judiciously. Days ahead will tell us whether it was fruitful or not. We wait at times to get results. Patience pays, but often the impatience of others is hard to forgive and forego. Just when you are tempted to submit to the impatience, your strength reappears and one succeeds. It is that one instant that signifies your own foresight and judgement.
There have been times in ones life and in mine particularly, when it has taken a large bit of time to understand the above, but in the end it has all worked. Wait for the moment if you are right and it shall come. Speculate guess and move on assumption and you may never achieve the result you wish.
There have been moments when the music of the earth heard on the earth of another sounds most rewarding. Distance makes it so. Being away from the soil awakens in us our heritage. We may be different and from different regions and areas and countries and lands, but the commonality of expression and belief that ranges and rages within us keeps us grounded to the soil of our land.
It is strange but true.
I sat by in local company today to speak about our land our people and ourselves. I felt an urge to do so, with pride. I also felt that others know little of what we do, what we are and where we are. It feels good to tell, but also feels bad to tell what is not.
I am unconvinced with many aspects, but that does not mean I am not convinced with many. I am. Never did mankind get all that he supposed he would get. Never did mankind not get what he did. Its a beautiful balance and the acceptable one is the one that shall always succeed.
Honor and respect with what we have, instead of crib and cry on that which we do not. I am happy with what I get from my EF and I persevere to preserve it. Whether or not I succeed in doing so is questionable, but never has there been any discomfort if I have not. Yes there shall be complaints and snide remarks and abuse, but then there are the love and affection too. There is the discord on some of the practices being followed, yet there is love for the common goal. The base when preserved will and does prove to be of value. Weaken it and all shall fall. One black sheep does not destroy the whole. It does stand out, but then that is the way it shall remain - black and with black recognition ! Let them be. If we shall study our mind with fault, fault is all that we shall ever see.
Live, love and breath … its the best to be this way …
Amitabh Bachchan

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