Friday, August 26, 2011

Finally at destination after a long long flight, first to Singapore BigB

Sydney, Australia     Aug 25 , 2011       Thu 10 : 30 PM
Aaahhhh ! Finally at destination after a long long flight, first to Singapore through thunder storms over the Bay of Bengal, which was pretty frightening and then connecting immediately to Sydney, on much smoother conditions and most hospitable reception. It is deep into the night and the city looks beautiful. Nice clear skies, hardly any noise and the view from my window of the Sydney Opera just amazing. A hot shower and a bit of food and then to bed for an early start tomorrow.
Last night was tight. Had to finish 2 episodes for KBC and then rush to the airport. The second was with Katrina and Imran there to promote their film ‘Mere brother ki Dulhan’, and that turned out quite entertaining. But the time machine running fast had me on nerves. The thought of not being able to connect to the Ef and the blog was as frightening as getting caught up by airport security for the possession of goods not permitted, so the moment I got a small little corner in the waiting area in the lounge of the airport, I quickly scribbled up something. Apologies about that.
It has been an exhausting ride and I will ask to be excused early today, for I need to rest my weary bones. I shall fill everyone up by tomorrow on more, but till then may I just say that I am with you all in spirit and heart and hope that your prayers shall ever remain with me …
Amitabh Bachchan

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