Sunday, March 25, 2012

Surprises never cease ! Neither does my eagerness to share this moment with the Ef

Jalsa , Mumbai                      Mar  25,  2012                           Sun  5 : 48 PM


 It is early ! Surprises never cease ! Neither does my eagerness to share this moment with the Ef … irrespective of time and place, circumstances, distances and destinations. If the cyber is not provided, it shall not be visited or patronized.

I sit up in my room, at my desk and hear the sounds of the well wishers gathering below. It is Sunday evening. The information shall come soon to greet them. The security and the police in attendance wish to clear the street. It obstructs other traffic, causes confusion. I do not wish for that, but to be there with those that come and wait for long is beyond the obstructions. If there is a specific time that they know of then to be there ahead would deprive some of meeting me. I must allow space for that.

The day started very early. Dubbing and recording for the IPL opening night extravaganza in Chennai on the 3rd of April. It is fitting that the event be held at Chennai … they won the IPL Championship last year. There are some distinguished names that shall lend support to the event – Salman and Kareena and Prabhu Deva and Shaimak Davar and his troup, along with the managerial and aesthetic skills of Wizcraft. My portion to have some music designed by Raju Singh. He was just beginning his wonderful journey as a composer in 1995, when we had asked him to lend his talent over a promotional for the Corporation of AB. Now many years later, he is an established force and doing so well. Always a very mild mannered and gentle individual. Happy to see that time and prominence have not destroyed that in him … We had worked together then in a small insignificant little space, with nothing that could be called electronic gadgetry, then. Now he has his own studio ! Mumbai the city of opportunity … if you have the strength to fight and survive, despite.

Its a joy to be behind the wheel. A fortnight ago I was struggling to be able to ease myself out of my Hospital bed, let alone walk. So I did away with the chauffeur .. they have all been working long hours, what with all the children here. Children … a few of them left this morning. Drove them to the airport. But … they shall return in a few days, which is so good to know … never let the laughter out of the house and the … yes … 'chahel pahel' ..

The first day at work today too. Out at Nagi Villa, just down the road, the residence of a generous Sikh family, that has been renting its premise out to shootings. Its a place that we have worked in for years, for the many films that we have done. The shoot is over quickly, the radio spots too announcing the IPL night with Red Fm and then back to home ground, before spending some time with the elder of the family at Nagi Villa. We discuss the metro rail that is about to be laid above the 10th Road, that goes past his residence right up to Prateeksha, and then with promises to meet again depart … depart to be here with you to share and ware … !!!

They are now getting desperate downstairs. They want me down so the street can be cleared. I am concerned. Also that Subhash Ghai is coming to pay a visit and I must tell staff to get him in through the well wishers. I will put up some pictures too … a little later … and a little much later back to Aadesh Shrivastav's studio to improve, to do better, to add to subtract that which shall enhances the music and the recording for 'Madhushala' …

I do believe my Father listens and watches this effort … it would never happen if it were not so …


Okaay ! So a different look and a different set of clothes … a departure from the regular recuperating attire, the salwar kameez and white shawl … symbolic of easy wear, comfortable but also one that has been worn each day after hospital .. and the reason is the shoot for the IPL opening night … !!

Hey ! its coming to be past midnight … the whole idea of putting in early … by the pm of 7 has been lost … anyway ..

Good night dear ones …


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