Saturday, March 31, 2012

I attempted to put down my thoughts for the day by 10:30 Pm

Jalsa , Mumbai                  Mar  31 ,  2012                           Sat  10 : 30 PM

I attempted to put down my thoughts for the day by 10:30 Pm but it is as you can see way past that limit … It is coming on to 1 am on the 1st of April and for this lapse, I must blame myself .. the family sat down to watch a film and since such opportunities come at rare moments, I stayed with them and their laughter and digs and mobile games, all running simultaneously … !!

I travel tomorrow .. and I need to turn in …

But before I leave … I discover with great pride that Twitter and Blog have now been blessed with supreme attention by the fourth estate. We write … they pick up, build a story as if it was they that 'sourced' it and bring it out to print. This doyen service that we are now providing them has two aspects.

ONE : They need not seek appointments for interviews, or push stringers to get information by the end of the day. It comes to them on a platter each day evening morning and night !

TWO : Those that write the Tweets and Blogs, knowing that their wares shall be picked up, can actually dictate what they feel needs to go out to the universe via the press. Smart !!

Smart enough for the media to know that this is deliberate. Beyond a point of course, everything breaks down. But really what shall remain is the ability now for the one written about to check balance refute reject accept, what they may encounter each morning as they open the media pages. And as the numbers increase of the followers or the hits received by Blogs, there shall be a weighing of its advantages and disadvantages. The cyber and digital are the future. How rapidly it reaches the future shall depend on the connectivity. The connectivity shall have access not just to clarifications by the consumer. The consumer shall have the connectivity of the media too. As is quite evident on the net news and other facilities being provided. I just feel that the presence of such a vast communication cyber world, may defeat its purpose in the final end. The consumer shall be loaded with so many options that it may finally take none. A cynical view, I would agree, but one that has possibilities.

Many even now contribute to spaces that may not necessarily belong to the person under question. The liberty to be able to do this almost at free will is the greatest advantage. Building authenticity, dedication and believability shall be the task at hand. Trust and faith and integrity of any association always goes through rough weather. But when it does pass the test, it does have the ability to stay long and stay fast.

I sometimes wonder where all the hidden treasures were before we started associating with each other as Ef. And I wonder equally how this family was able to be formed and exist for such a long period of time. There is no doubt in my mind that without the belief built in the minds of the Ef, on our authenticity, record and affection, we would never have achieved what ever little we have. Yes one has persevered. But so have many others.

I will salute this perseverance, affection and dedication … for when I talk about its existence, there is nothing except awe and wonder and praise for it ..

I will wish to keep it so …

Good night … and may you sleep well and undisturbed …

Amitabh Bachchan 

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