Saturday, March 31, 2012

Too much distraction !! Soccer in front on the telly, and ‘Yauatcha’ chinese in the belly

Jalsa , Mumbai                          Mar 28/29 ,  2012                  Wed/Thu  1 : 13 AM

Too much distraction !! Soccer in front on the telly, and 'Yauatcha' chinese in the belly … and filling in the words here at this early hour of the morning is yours truly – distraction telly belly and all …!!! Its been a first evening out socially and its marvelous to be able to whizz past the city at night after a rather long gap from indoor hospitals and restful hours at home. The kids from Delhi have stretched their stay by a couple of days, and that is a delight.

Do we ever realize that there shall be a time when we shall crave for the kids presence when they were younger and in house. But kids grow up, find their own depth, their company, their environs and nature of work and drift away. Its then that we miss their company, their presence. But then when we desperately need them they are always there, albeit for a short while , but there all the same. Which is why when they leave, there is pain.

The game up front is still without goal and this post is distracted with those elements and the content that should be drafted here seems similar. But how wonderful to share a game and a blog simultaneously.

As we drive to the eatery, I sit in the front seat – the ladies being at the back and I notice that there are still some passerby's on the street that fling a recognition with smile. Recognition and compassionately so, does wonders for morale. But there have been many occasions when interest has faded from the celebrity. Has happened to me on many an occasion. It is a bit discomforting, but it must be known that this glory and recognition shall all fade away one day. Some take it kindly, some do not. It is hard and harsh both to see adulation favor away from you and settle on another. Better then to not be too enamored by it when it serves you. Life is transitory as is fame. Be content when it is there by your side. Be gracious in accepting that it has gone away, elsewhere. Let others evaluate what the contribution – if ever there was – should be. We could be biased and burdened by the inaccurate fact that fame shall be perpetual. It is not. Live then with the understanding of its transitory, but live it well. Another chance may never come again. Or even if it did, there shall never be guaranty that it have the same intensity as before. Time to be gracious for what once was a blessing. Time now to be equally gracious that we do not dwell in it any more.


Its quiet again. The game and telly are over. I am beyond sleep now. Happens. Shall then get back to the telly in search of something else and doze off to the sonorous sounds of repetitive elements – they normally are at this time of night. I should know, I am their regular customer.

Oh ! and yes the workouts at the gym go well … gradually increasing the speed of the walk, the weight in the hands. There is great pleasure in this routine. The circulation, the easing of the muscles, the breathing and then finally the sit out in the sun. It is at Prateeksha and it is valuable to be able to do that. Going to be interrupted for some time now. They are laying fresh soil over the green. Should have been done soon after the monsoons, But it got delayed as staff thought the lawn would get mutilated during Holi, if played. So now it shall be sun and solitude at Jalsa, for some days ….


In a few days I wish to take the assistance of my Ef in determining a few researches. This shall then give opportunity for all of us to think beyond the Blog and the Twitter and really to give me a feel of many future ideas .. so we must wait anxiously … and i must no longer wait on my night sleep …

Good night and may the Almighty bless and protect you  ..

Amitabh Bachchan 

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