Saturday, March 31, 2012

So the doctor came along and has expressed deep shock at my sleeping hours

Jalsa , Mumbai              Mar 30 , 2012                    Fri  11 : 56 PM

So the doctor came along and has expressed deep shock at my sleeping hours ! They were around 4 am last night !! The shooting pain comes and goes and he feels it is the nerves that have been cut now trying to reassemble and get back into shape !!

Dear mr, miss m/s Nerves, could you, may be expedite your process of mending and not distress the skin of the body you occupy ? I know you inhabit a rugged terrain in and about and around you. Do not get influenced by their presence and letharge on what could be an extended period of time … there is need to get functional in the regions you operate and function. I do of course, along with the surgeons, lament the fact that you had to face some mutilation at the edges of a sharp knife and then face the 'invisible stitches' of repair. But it has been a while as you may know and the war zone like environment that you find yourself sharing space with, can and shall be able to bear but little of what you wish to express. Indeed you have been expressing yourself rather blatantly from the moment of the injury to your delicate senses, for some while now … what is it ? errmm … Feb 11, to now Mar 30 ! that is sufficient time to wipe your tears now and allow the region you so delicately occupy, to get back to normalcy ..

There are many friends and well wishers and Ef that suffer along with me .. their prayers go out each day for my well being. Now … I can only express my well being when yours is well too, do you not think … C'mon !! be a sport and listen in to what the others are saying .. its getting a bit embarrassing … okkaaaay !! Thanks and please then … BACK OFF !!


Now I doubt if a more fervent effort could have been made …


Rain has spoilt our chance of a win at the cricket tonight again in South Africa. I mean every time we get going, so do the rain Gods. That is most unfair. And … what of the commentary ??!!!! So biased, pro SAF even when they see our boys hitting the ball outta' the park … ?? Ok ! SAF  Ef with due apologies … nothing personal here, its just a game – a white rotundity being hit about by another whitish blade of flattened wood and many colored costumes running about .. pardonnable I think .. a spirit of healthy gamesmanship do you not think .. Thank you, you are all so kind …


Stones acquired protect me … prayers brace me up … the kindness of the Ef soul envelops me gently and pushes me onto the bed ..

Good night


Amitabh Bachchan

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