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The presence of loved ones by your side, in your lap, on your head brings all that is possibly beautiful

Jalsa , Mumbai                 Mar 23 , 2012                     Fri  11 : 43 PM

The results of some of the medication doing well, fills one with hope and assurance that living after all is not so bad. The presence of loved ones by your side, in your lap, on your head brings all that is possibly beautiful to its extreme. The amount of time spent in front of a tapping machine, that connects to the Ef, increases, much to the dislike of the family waiting for company. But most satisfying – the ability to be able to gift and taking in the look of surprise and admiration of the dear. Simply not replaceable. Also … ever tried fixing something that broke of the little ones and you volunteered to repair it and it repairs … Instant hero worship !! Fixed a few things for the boy and the girl. Had not done something like this for ages. But with the availability of time, all works well. And the gratitude and admiration is priceless …


Jaya comes back from Lucknow and Delhi after being voted into the Rajya Sabha, the Upper House of Parliament, unopposed and we bring in a bit of fanfare at the front door … flowers and garlands and a little impromptu jig by the little fellow. In his elements he is delicious.

The Benares University blesses me with an Honorary decree of a D.Litt at their Annual function. I beg to be excused because of my condition. They shall be conducting an another moment to present it to me when I travel. Benares or Varanasi, the oldest working city in the world they say. The 'ghats' by the river, its great history of religion and education and so many other important social elements, all enveloped in this ageless wonder. A visit is long due …


There is a great sense of elation when a clearing up job is undertaken and done. Did some over my desk. The pile reduces, the paper work you discover was not meant to be occupying such space. Leave something unattended and you discover that had it been attended to life would have been a lot better. So the moral for today is … never press the job for another day … take a small portion of it and complete it … then and only them move to the next, without interruption ..

Work on the elements that have been interesting me of late are getting talked about. The Sitar and the Sarod are on order. The best are manufactured in Kolkata. I should have guessed. Kolkata, a center for the arts and music and literature. A region of the purist, where every home has a history of dance and song and music. Much like in the South and in Maharashtra too. And so now I do look forward to that moment when that left handed … note left handed, shall be at my disposal and i shall no idea how it is meant to be played … but …. shall listen and watch some of the greats and try to copy their style. Its much too late for me to learn now, but I would assume that just hearing that twanging immaturely as you battle with your fingers, would be enough for one of my disposition to spend hours at it …

There is a great joy in not knowing too, I should imagine. The discovery of it and its further elements when some strings fall right, is joyous beyond words. For a moment with the self is what one looks for. Nothing to be replicated for an audience, or those that sympathize … no these moments must indeed be with the self. What becomes inspirational to you is the matter that counts.

I see many a moment when the professionals play at gatherings. They come to exhibit their artistry, not to be a replacement for piped music at a lavish wedding or a party. It is most disrespectful when I see that happening. I cringe. I almost feel like reprimanding the guests, but do not. I would rather wish that the artists wind up their instruments and leave. Years and years of 'tapasya' for this ?? No that does not impress me …

Show respect and regard to the artist. Allow them to sink into their gift and give an opportunity to be a part of that emotion. It has been the most sight for me when I observe the look on the face of these artists, who despite the disinterest shown by the invitees continue to perform, almost in compulsion. They look for appreciation, search for that one individual that shall show admiration of their craft .. but alas .. it never comes .. circumstances lead them to continue .. others with greater self respect and dignity, stop announce their intent and either get the interest or leave. I would applaud such an occurrence ..

ManMohan Desai, would never go to the theatre or movie hall where his film was running. Not because he did not want to but it was compelled upon him by his staff and assistants. For when during the projection of his film if he noticed anyone talking or moving out of the hall, he would get up and tell the gentleman in a most ungentlemanly manner to either shut up or sit down and not leave !! Such was his protective passion for his work …

I loved him on many other counts, but his this attitude was the best, even though many would laugh it off …

Love to all and wishes for dreams that provide happiness and fulfillment, peace and goodwill ..

Amitabh Bachchan 

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