Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Sunday meeting with all the well wishers gone astray

Jalsa, Mumbai                  Oct 7/8,  2012                    Sun/Mon  2: 37 AM

A Sunday meeting with all the well wishers gone astray .. the time taken by KBC was far too long and I feel like a lost child on not having the opportunity to greet the audience that gives me so much attention !

But KBC is a great leveller ..big or small they all come with hope and expectation .. a fulfilment of dreams that they have nurtured for many many years. When they fail I feel the failure myself. There is a great dark and deep opening which refuses to close within. It is as hurtful and depressing as perhaps the feel of the contestant that has to walk away from that hot seat empty handed … or having lost a great mount after gaining much .. but such is the game that it can become a life changer for one and can dash hopes of another ..

It has been a long day … starting with 2 episodes of KBC, followed by a quick visit to Aadesh's studio to record songs .. and tomorrow it is an early morning call again …

All the antennas of the family are up and there is great consternation about my hours of work .. but that which has been given confirmation, must be completed and done ..change brings in that extra energy that is needed to complete the day .. and no matter what the nature of the work may be, I have always observed that a different vocation or its pursuit soon after a gruelling day with one, gives sufficient force to continue working ..but yes .. there has to be a limit to all and this needs to be controlled …

My apologies then to all these rather simplistic blog posts day after day .. but I mat assure you that it shall not remain for long .. a break is due and that shall give me the time to concentrate on more than what is being done now, for the Ef ..

Good night dearest ones … and may god bless you always …

Amitabh Bachchan

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