Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ma Durga by dancers specially from West Bengal

   Jalsa, Mumbai                 Oct 5/6,  2012                Fri/Sat  3 : 11 AM

An ode to Ma Durga, by dancers specially from West Bengal, adorn the KBC stage at the start of the day, and their movements and story telling capability brings a loud cheer among the audience today, as we start the day of work ..

Some most interesting contestants come up from the bunch of a new lot, that fight for position on the FFF question and then emerge a winner for the Hot Seat …

But the most interesting part of the evening is the wait to pick up the 'little one' from the airport as she arrives with her Mother from Chicago after spending some time with her Father, who shoots for 'Dhoom 3' 

There is now media at the airport when leaving and when arriving. And it does not need rocket science to discover how they are able to be there at the right time - the passenger manifesto !! It has now become a part of our existence, and happily do we accede to their demands. We really have no other choice …

The 'little one' looks up from her capped hiding in wonder as to where she has landed, takes a glare at me behind the wheel and drops off to sleep as the smooth driving lulls her into her slumber !!

I am attracted to this word - slumber. It has been avoiding me for some time now, so methinks I shall give it the honor it deserves and retire ..

I have much to say but since tomorrow is an off day, with relatively less work, I shall come back with you again ..

Till then ..

Love to all

Amitabh Bachchan

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  1. Wishing you many happy returns of the day...much much in advance & hope you give us many more happy moments as you have done throughout your life


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