Thursday, July 25, 2013

smile at myself and my foolishness

Smile at myself and my foolishness

Jalsa, Mumbai      July 22/23,  2013                  Mon/Tue  1 : 55 AM


I smile at life .. I smile at circumstances .. I smile at myself and my foolishness … I smile for the others that become me … I smile for those that have no smiles in their lives .. I smile for those that smile with me … I smile for my Ef .. my ever devoted and strong Ef … committed and sincere to the core and to the end ..

I smile because I need to smile .. I smile because it is easier to do so than  to show anger .. I smile because it is disarmingly acceptable and reciprocated .. on the road , amidst the people I work with, among the motorists that drive along by me at the light signals, and traffic jams … I smile because it takes lesser amount of muscles to do than to show anger .. I smile … just ….

I reconcile … with myself and my circumstances … I lift the burden of unnecessary pressure … I am calmer and disposed well when I do so .. I believe the others that meet up feel it too .. I am disparaged by a show of temperament that prevents itself from such act .. I wish not to bring grief to anyone, to see them at the mercy of the forces that abide in nature .. I shall comply and hold and give assurance, bring worth and assistance in the garb of co operation .. I shall contribute in attempting to enhance what may have been assuaged indifferently … I shall … I most certainly shall  .. 

The weight of the body shall reduce , shall inhale purity of air, shall brighten up at mention and be labeled with the other purists, as one of speciality  … but why not ? what really are the objections … ?

Beware … be happy and be content … ever ever ever …

My love for all remains unpolluted by recent happenings ..


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