Monday, July 15, 2013

The Sunday of many years and many hues stares at us

Jalsa, Mumbai               July 14, 2013                 Sun 11:39 PM

, each different day and the affection unabated, undaunted expresses itself with warmth and love .. come rain or storm .. eternally they shall remain in my life as a symbol of what the people gave me …

'The Game of Thrones' occupies most of my day and there is remorse because the Season 3 is over and one wants it never to end. The production value, the cast of such immense talent, the story line, symbolic of times that could have emerged in the past, the detailing to locations, surroundings, dress, properties … immaculate !! Such an attraction to watch a Tv series which has the value of a film … perhaps even better and greater ..

The number of artists that partake, their extraordinary performances, is just so thrilling to watch. Where on earth are they getting these actors from ? Each one chosen to portray exactly what was desired in the series, and performing to perfection. Just lends itself to such a phenomenal experience, that you just sit there glued to your chair, without moving an inch ..

But .. now what ? shall have to hone in to another that can give equal viewing pleasure. 'Homeland' was terrific, but that season has ended too. And the search for the next is on … so if any of the Ef is capable of recommending some interesting ones please do so …

Glued to the chair is valid only for moments when the little one is not around .. because once she pops in, the world stops for her and her antics ..  'thank heaven for little girls, for little girls get …' Maurice Chevalier and that eternal song .. how those old memories come back. When you first heard it, the appreciation was on another plane, now .. different meaning and place .. strange but so true ..

Its back to the grind again tomorrow .. and an early night is the call of the hour ..

So good night dear Ef … sleep well and be together ..

Amitabh Bachchan


Mahendra Gorele

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