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Habit can be a destroyer at times BigB News

Prateeksha, Mumbai    September 21, 2009     Mon/Tue 12:58 AM

Habit can be a destroyer at times. I typed in 'Singapore' as my destination above before realizing it was no longer my location. After a certain age, frequent changes disturb our equilibrium. We like to find our material in exactly the spot where we had last remembered leaving it. Make a few minor position changes and it can throw us off completely. You may have used a different pocket to house your mobile phone in the clothes you wear, yet because it is not in the regular designated location, you would be troubled for hours as to where you could have left the machine behind !!

Happens all the time. You may have placed your reading glasses on your head through the hair, and be desperately looking for them all over until someone came and made you aware of its position. Even more alarming is when you make a call to a friend or an office staff and do not remember why you made the call in the first place. Its become a habit now to write down the reason for making the call as you dial the number, just in case you forgot. Several 'post its' now occupy vulnerable spots all over the house !!

Promotional activities for BiggBoss took up most of the day. Discussions and presentations and schedule programs ; the works. Indeed I have just got back from the studios of dear friends Vishal & Shekhar after putting together a ditty for promotion.

It is always such a joy to be in the company and surroundings of music and music makers. V&S and I have spent some crazy moments together, jamming songs and writing pieces for various occasions. They keep insisting that we should cut an album together and hopefully when I have overcome my self consciousness someday we shall. For the moment however it is COLORS and the show I am assigned for. If it gets the approval of their managers, maybe I could put it up for the EF to listen.

Getting back into some sort of a routine has been taxing. From being idle for such a long period of time to being suddenly burdened with all the problems of the world can be unnerving. But human capacity has immense potential and one never knows of it until it is taken to its extreme.

The Sunday crowds outside the gates is an example. They have been regularly coming on Sunday's with the hope of finding me step out of the door, but have had to go back. Their devotion however unbroken and still very sincere.

Last evening they were able to get me across to them and their excitement was so palpable. Took the little ones out too and they felt awkward in the process of Sunday. Not so long ago however, they were not such. I remember Navya being very young and when I had taken her for a drive, all the crowds that gathered around the car would get a regal wave from her. Later she would ask and want to know why so many people were collecting around to greet 'her' !! Gullibility of kids is so enchanting.

I am forced to keep this short again. The kids draw my attention and disrespecting them would have very different connotations. There is neglect also for 483484485 and I shall catch up soon on them. Till then …

A pleasant night to all

More soon and perhaps sooner than what most think ….

Amitabh bachchan


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