Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy holi .. happy holi .. happy holi .. thaaaaaa

Jalsa , Mumbai    Mar 20, 2011       Sun 11 : 30 PM
Amidst the frenzy of colors and the enthusiasm of Holi revelers on the street, a quiet family restricted celebration, stunted due to certain factors personal in nature, at Jalsa. Normally its at Prateeksha and in its vastness and large open house gaiety. The guests, the entertainment by various folk bands, the dancing in free abandon, the thandai and the gujiya, the gulal and tub full of wet colors, the long hours of celebration right till the evening hours, a meeting of friends, of happiness and joy and unrecognizable faces from the barrage of colors thrown about you. Such a delight to have guests over and to find them in celebration along with us. Not this year but with God’s grace next year, ‘will make it large’ ! To borrow a line from the incessant ad’s., that pelt us during the game on television.
The game !!?? World Cup cricket ! India vs West Indies and we win convincingly, when all hope had been given up by me and the others. And then another game - football in London, the League match. Chelsea vs ManCity and we win again … Chelsea that is !!
And … its a day of another celebration … Jasmine Jaywant celebrates her birthday today and we all wish this very constant and engaging EF, the very best. May you have a wonderful day Jasmine and may each day replicate itself eternally ! Happy Birthday !!
As I sit back and watch the kids enjoy their little moment of festive participation I marvel at the variety of festive and religious celebrations that we possess here in our country. And I wonder if other nations have similar occasions too. And I wonder then if they do not, why we are the ones that have them. Apart from the significance of the time of year, in this case the time when the crop is cut and there is hope and expectation of its bounty, the timings of most such celebrations have a similarity in dates with many other religious celebrations in other parts of the world and regions. A full moon celebration in India, a Buddhist festive religious day in Sri Lanka, a St Patrick’s day in Ireland, a new year in Iran and another festivity in Russia …
And I wonder … those saints and thinkers and men of great divinity, must have been exalted beings of exceptional quality. Which is why they were and are revered as God’s. Any scripture that one reads contains the most elegant and ultimate thought process. A process that cannot possibly be the product of humans. They had to be Gods to be able to have written and preached what they believed in, in such detailed and exhaustive a manner. Any wonder then that those that followed them and have brought their legacy to our everyday life and living, must have been of a much superior existence.
From the construct of belief to the process of it, was all so scientifically worked out that we follow those traits centuries past to this day and carry it forward to our progeny. I watch the Muslim in prayer duringnamaz and observe the particular manner in which they sit in prayer - sitting upon bended knees - and I believe that it is a posture that is prescribed in yoga, to be of immense consequence for the digestive system of the body. A discipline of prayer, but also beneficial for health ! I see the Pakistan cricket team playing in the World Cup and during the drinks break observe that each one of the players that picks up his drink of water or Gatorade, sits down on the ground on one knee bend and then and only then, drinks his water or his juice. And I link this with what Fatima from SAf observes when she sees Amla, that great player in their team, perform similar act, even though other members of the team do not. They not being Muslim. And Fatima educates me that it is an Islam dictat to sit and drink your liquids. Something that I now remember my Mother, and I am sure many Mother’s, used to tell their children to observe. ” Baith ke pani piyo !
There must indeed be some science in it. Fine. But to find it being incorporated so many moons ago, indicates to us the value and the almost celestial bearing of those that brought it into practice. The reverence then to it had to be adhered to.
In closing then a little something that I received on my Twitter. Its for the festival of Holi and its in Punjabi. So those that can understand it, do please translate it for the others. Though I am certain it will never have the same flavor -
Happy holi .. happy holi .. happy holi .. thaaaaaa !
Bande da scooter jake khambe naal vajeyaa !
Kinni vaari keya tennu .. Happy, holi chalaa !!!
Thought it was really funny ! Happy Holi and love to all … and birthday wishes again to Jasmine Jaywant for March 20th !
Amitabh Bachchan

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