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That strain again was it not Shakespeare

Bhopal , MP     Mar  12,  2011        Sat  8 : 36 PM
” That strain again …. ” was it not Shakespeare ! I think yes .. What a delight when that strain of music you suddenly hear, and stop everything to listen to it again, then again … and again ….
Heard something that had remained in my iTunes account while tinkering around with the computer and then it just stuck. And you put it on repeat and it plays … and the visuals keep coming fast and furiously … imagining a moment in film … that look … that smile of acceptance … a vivid memory … flashing back to the past … perhaps an association, a connect .. and your spirits rise, you feel a part of that situation that keeps building up gradually within you. Creativity bursting from the sides, the rush of blood on your face, excitement, joy, accomplishment, victory, acknowledgment, applause … and you have transported yourself into that imaginary realm … !!
Then as suddenly as you had noticed the refrain, the doorbell rings … reality ! Back to the moment in time and date and vocation … dinner sir … tomorrows schedule .. scenes to be read … we need to start early, there are location changes … a deep breath, and down to earth from that temporary sojourn in the clouds …
There have been so many such moments in lives of people and in the lives of artists, particularly in the art of making films. An idea comes, as come it must, in the middle of the most undesired moment. Thoughts and flights of fancy overtake you. The filming starts, the performances get executed and we are on screen even before ‘jack robin’ can be uttered .. Pity, though. It never really happens as rapidly as imagined. I wish we all had that magic wand where thought could be translated into finite at the snap of a finger … would be such a wonderful world … or maybe not .. depending on what you may have desired or not .. ha ha !!
As artists we sometimes think up in our minds how particular scene needs to be executed. It remains all worked out and locked. There is a feeling that the issue has already been dealt with, but in fact when the camera rolls, as roll it must, perhaps several days or months later, what had been internally processed never ideally comes to pass. And that is where we all fail. At least I certainly do. I cannot say about the others …
Process of my work !! ha ha .. intriguing at times is it not. Would be an interesting topic to discuss and narrate what goes through the mind when the camera rolls. May be someday we shall ..
The drums of wedding and celebration wind up outside the window … and its another such evening .. or is it the Saturday that brings it all on ..
And its rather strange that your thoughts for this platform seem to rise and fall with the rhythm of the music outside .. right now its predominantly ‘bhangra’, so the flow of thoughts and words is … well short staccato and exuberant .. or is it just my Sikh genes !!
Sikh genes, brings me to the topic often raised by some on why I say so much about my Father and nothing about my Mother. I tweeted back on that - what can I say but this - my Mother built a home and an environment for my Father to prosper and for me to be able to talk about it !! There can be no bigger contribution for a Mother than this. She always felt strongly that the creative to flourish in a home that housed talent, it was mandatory for the lady of the house to insure that a peaceful cohesive and conducive atmosphere prevailed within the four walls of the home. Artists of all hues will perhaps endorse this. To sensitive minds the environment and its functions play hugely on their thinking and then subsequently on the output. My Father went through a most dark period in his life with poverty and death stalking at every bend. It reflected in his works. His books were titled of that period in consonance with the state of his mind - ‘Aakul Antar’, disturbed insides ; ‘Ekaant Sangeet’, the music of solitude .. but on meeting my Mother and after marrying her, the tone of hope, joy and happiness reflected in his poems ..
Perhaps tomorrow shall be the winding up of the schedule for ‘Aarakshan’ .. perhaps .. and as has customarily been my practice I shall be hosting a get together for all those that worked along with us - from spot boys, drivers, light men right to the stars. It is these unnamed and forgotten heroes of a film that deserve the biggest compliments and attention and it is wonderful to invite them into the same environment as the others and give them the acknowledgement of their worthy contribution in the making of film. They are the true spirit in every production. They work tirelessly, beyond the call of duty, beyond schedule and time and never ever clamor for attention or complain. They are truly quite phenomenal and deserve all attention and commendation !
Time for contemplation and thought and … yes the pillow !
Love to all ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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