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The day started at 6 am and has just ended

Jalsa , Mumbai   May  14/15,  2011        Sat/Sun  1 : 12 AM
The day started at 6 am and has just ended. There were promos to be shot for Kaun Banega Crorepati, since it goes on air soon. Perhaps by August as against the earlier year when it was in October/November. Its also of a longer duration this time around. Promos are the order of the day today, whether in film or Tv or any other communication venture. Its the promo that makes the difference. Gone are the days when we had faith and confidence in the product for it to speak for itself. Nope. As the young would say often these days. If you do not talk or sell it no one is interested. Marketing has opened up corporate offices where young entrepreneurs battle with circumstances and build plans on how a product a personality should be presented to the mass. A most exciting profession, but one that has never found favor with me, primarily because my sense of all this exalted jargon is miserably poor.
But in our modern era of film making its the ingredient of the promotion that decides for the audience which and what film they wish to see. I really do not think it to be improper at all. With the kind of exposure that entertainment through the various channels of communication, has brought to our homes, it would be most difficult to resist not going to a film, or conversely, deciding somewhat firmly which they would not want to see.
So the entire day was enveloped in shooting for the promos for KBC. In all about 15 to 20 of them were shot, along with Avinash Gowarikar’s still shoot. So you did a shot for the video, stepped down to the still, rushed down to the changing room, improvised in the corner of the floor, changed clothing and reported back for the next film. And this went on with each dress change … and there were quite a few. And when it was finally over drove straight across to Vishal and Shekhar’s studio to record a song for ‘Bbuddah’ and then … to execute a commitment to Sujoy Ghosh of ‘Alladin’ fame, by singing a portion of a song for his film ‘Kahani’, starring Vidya Balan.
One has and had heard ‘Ekla Cholo re’ a million times. Read and reread its words that oozed wisdom, strength, poetry and courage all at once, too. But may I just say that singing Rabindra Sangeet for the first time was the greatest revelation. The beauty of the language, the lyricism of the tune and its ‘dhun’ are outstanding. This particular, world famous number “Ekla Cholo” , expounding to all that if no one came to you on your calling, walk alone !! And what a fabulous song has been incorporated by V@S. Truly awesome and worthy of all award.
Singing for the track today you discover how inadequate you are to handle something created by Gurudev Tagore. Not just in words but also in its tune. It is by far one of the most unique compositions in the world of music. And being associated with it in some capacity has been nothing short of an honor.
While in the middle of the shoot, got a surprise visit from Deepika Paducone, who was shooting next door on another floor and dropped by to wish. She is such a warm person, and she was looking a million bucks. After the shoot of ‘Aarakshan’ she had gone to Tirupati and had very sweetly brought some ‘prasad’ for me and the family.
At the studio a while later, it was Vidya Balan who turned up along with Sujoy, who I think was showing her some rushes of the film they are doing together. Two leading ladies in one day !! That is quite remarkable ! Just got lucky I think ….
Somehow there is a most fulfilling feel to the day. I do not know what exactly is the reason. But I shall not put it beyond the Tagore song and its beauty. Simply so uplifting and …. difficult to find words to describe it !!
Amitabh Bachchan

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