Thursday, June 23, 2011

Faces many of them smiling and appreciative and blessing and congratulating Big B

Faces many of them smiling and appreciative and blessing and congratulating Big B
Jalsa , Mumbai     June  22,  2011      Wed  11: 47 PM
Where to begin and what to say. It has been a day of walking in a drift, a wind, flowing fast moving clouds speeding past, people, there but not there. Faces … many of them smiling and appreciative and blessing and congratulating. Many greetings from sources one could never imagine, friends, well wishers, people known but not connected to for long. Where have they been, and how have they come out on this particular day. I am a blessed man. My genes given to me by my parents speak volumes. On their own without help or provocation. The voices play inside, of prayer and grace, from old and young .. from those gone away and lost forever !!
There is so much talk and remembrances of my Mother and her courageous, warm and affectionate nature for all, at all times - out going, caring, involving. There is talk of the depth of my Father and his deep and silent admirations … times spent with them with my children, and others .. and today we talk of my children’s children .. Billu and I at Breach Candy Hospital late in the night, waiting, pacing the corridors as Jaya labors inside with Abhishek … that opening of the door of the OT, the doctor Shah peeping out and asking … ” what did you want ?” .. we stare at him, asking for nothing, he smiles ..”it’s a boy !” .. we cheer and open some champagne, ecstatic and running about the now out of bounds hospital, greeting and acknowledging the cheers of the nursing staff .. luring them with the bubbly .. come out and burn a cigar .. its traditional they say .. calling up all and sundry .. informing sharing the joy ..
And today that little bundle is about to become another nervous father and shall be trudging the corridors of a hospital soon awaiting his moment of joy ! Anwarat samay ki chakki chalti jaati hai !
Births rebirths .. additions to the world … children and how they form and build and grow within and then emerge, to be their own selves and in time to procreate .. this is nature, science, providence, unknown forces .. when so many questions remain astonishingly unanswered … how does all this happen … who are we ! how does all this happen to us ! why is it that we are the way we are ! it is beyond comprehension …. which is why ..
We build our Gods and Goddesses ! There must be some supernatural force that invades our system and decides how the management shall occur. Complicated as it is for us, we easily succumb to the power and strength of divinity and rely on its decisions it makes for us. Belief and prayer co exist simultaneously. Prayer to believe and the belief in prayer ! Human vulnerability .. never know enough to gather sufficient answers .. and questions pour in each day, each hour, each minute .. so many.. impossible to handle them …
So relent and sit back .. compose yourself. Life will continue to move and so will you. Take what comes your way, be thankful for the deeds, be content and in gratitude … these do not happen with all, and with everyone .. remember ! Be content with what hath been given as yours .. be not afraid .. be not in want .. be not in anger or remorse .. be … just be .. all else shall be too …
To wake up in the morning and to find that you still move, that there is a breathe in your lungs and sight in the eyes … and a mind that thinks of where and what to do …
That is all ..
All that comes after is the mind … it is here that corruption and pollution coexist, each trying to outdo the other .. we are but pawns in their midst .. soft gentle unknown pawns … NO .. never let that condition be .. for we are willed to be strong, to fight metaphorically, to fight odds and aim for victory ..
My son .. born of me in 1976 .. shall be the reason for birth in 2011 .. of another being .. nature and science willed it so … but how and why was taken care of by another … I do not see that other or hear it or feel its presence but we know that that is where we shall address our selves, when we have questions and no answers ..
Atheists shall shun us … moralists shall perhaps accept us .. the divine shall laud us … but we shall still be without answers .. that is the tragedy or the essence of life ..
Good night all … and again my gratitude for your outpouring of love and blessings … !!
Amitabh Bachchan

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