Monday, July 25, 2011

The mock rehearsals for KBC continue and as the day draws near the apprehensions and fears begin to build BigB

Prateeksha , Mumbai      July  24 , 2011    Sun  12 : 47 PM
Consternation at the ’stoppage’ of my writings on this medium from the early hours of the morning have stirred up sufficient strength within me to face oppression and abuse from those that ‘honor’ me and get back to doing what I believe to be right … write !! And so here I am at an unearthly hour amongst you, dispelling all fears that could and did come up.
Building a large number of enthusiasts could be trying and an exercise which in most respects demands effort and patience. Breaking it is the easiest - you merely disconnect. I prefer building. Its tougher. The other is an easy way out. Finding an easy way out could be a preferred option, but then what would life be without struggle. The pain and anxiety of creating is a lot more exciting than the art of looking at it from a distance and deriding it. Anyone can dictate to write off .. can they write to create ?
Reading seeing and hearing all the vivid descriptions of the carnage in Oslo, Norway has been such a disturbing and unbelievable moment. The madness of mankind in such state shows the vulnerability of life itself for us all. We live in times of trial and uncertainty, on hope and God’s will. The entire human community seems polluted with corrupt thought. What will it require to defuse that ? What would it need to be closer to sanity - those that propose saner elements often end up as victims, remembered, flowered and monumented in stone if of important caliber.
Were there a process within science to remove hatred and violent thought from the nature of the human, the world would be an enviable paradise. Medicine and medical scientists work tirelessly to remove disease from the future. So many examples of these have been enumerated so successfully. Can you please Mr Scientist remove the above as well .. save us from this every day devastation, this unbearable blow to our inner systems. We are all damaged, hurt and in deep pain. Deliver us oh lord from this unwanted occurrence. We have been tried and tested beyond all …. now protect and save us ..
The mock rehearsals for KBC continue and as the day draws near the apprehensions and fears begin to build. Each beginning brings along with it its fair share of the ultimate misgivings. Will I be able to do it ? Would it all work ? How would it all fare ? …. and so many more ..
It is a brave front that we put on to welcome such condition but deep within us we know how affected we are and what really plays on our minds. We are all actors on this wonderful stage of life, giving our best performances ever, never to be seen, never to be appreciated, never to be acknowledged. It remains hidden within us. Its naked truth sheltered and jailed somewhere within the deepest and darkest corners of our brain. There shall it remain, untold, for time immemorial. In death, exhumed in some, buried in others, or left to the elements, but unknown still.
The complexity of the mass that builds the human, the utter expanse of nature and its performance, the unanswered millions of questions has always been so awesome and wondrous. I wonder then, why we drift away from it to indulge in matters that form minuscule particles in this universe, bringing us no joy no discovery, but sheer fruitless endeavor and pain.
O ! maker of all that is bounteous and beautiful in this world, we have had enough of the evil and the devil. Spare us this day. Take us away to soft and gentle land of grace dignity and reverence. To peaceful environs, and pleasant talk. Of smiles and laughter, music and elation. Fill me up with this to the brim, and leave not an inch of space for the ‘other’ to prevail …
It is a Sunday today. A day of rest they say. Bring us the rest and the gentleness that we desire. The noise hurts and scatters the strings of harmony away from me. Tune me up to that measure of completeness and perfection in eternal sound - ethereal, balanced and fulfilling the heart …
My love and my prayer ….
Amitabh Bachchan

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