Thursday, July 7, 2011

What did I do today I cannot say what did I do 50 years from now clear as crystal So why does this happen BigB

What did I do today I cannot say what did I do 50 years from now clear as crystal So why does this happen BigB
Jalsa , Mumbai      July  6/7,  2011          Wed/Thu  1 : 03 AM
What did I do today … I cannot say … what did I do 50 years from now ..  clear as crystal .. So why does this happen .. I just seem to have no idea. An advertisement on Tv on some consumer product for kids, spoke up through the mother of child - ‘ the childs brain grows 90% upto the age of 5 ‘ .. I guess that answers my query .. If it has developed to its maximum by the year 5, then what the hell are we doing now … trying to increase its size. Someone else said the human uses only 33% of its brain in an entire lifetime .. so what happens to the balance 77% ?
I work to get to the 34% mark ! I joke sometimes with the media when they keep insisting on telling them the reason behind all the work I do. Its almost as though they do not want me to continue. Well .. so long as I breathe I shall work, or let us put it simply. So long as my body can tolerate me and my work, I am fine. The day it resigns itself so will I. I hope that my body is not in the same conference room, when this issue shall be discussed. I would rather it was left free. Many wonder where I ger the energy from … as if I knew … ha ha ! So putting on the best performance of your life, in front of the media, you straight- facedly answer after the product that you endorse, and that which is unknown to most … NUTRICHARGE !!
If I really knew where I was getting my energy from, would I not disclose it. And whilst I cannot take names of products, you may understand how all this works … I mean there is not anything seriously wrong, just a little banter to lighten up the atmosphere.
I had been to a film festival once before. It was held at the Vigyan Bhavan in Delhi and since then there has been this attraction of getting to see the better cinema. What really happened is between them and they all know their jobs. My interference would attract unnecessarily the wrong attitude, and strike me dead .. This Industry is complete and fulfilled. The old time director producer has long gone away and given way to those that came after to sit and think and visually commit themselves. Their thinking will rest with the thinking of today’s youth and raise issues, which thankfully I may not have. Better to not have it and regret, than to possess one such aerated water example that shall not bring in the required clientele. It could be, but surely there has been no contact. Finding a human in this city is well a most interesting serial, which should be explored for further use. Hence the days and times spent with the room empty. And what if the walls began to talk or the bed properties move about in conversation.
At a wedding recently of family friends, I could not help but notice the opulence and sobriety was able to match any of the wonders or sights in the world ..
I need a charge … perhaps a pillow or a set up to see me through .. prayers for your well being …
And so ~
Amitabh Bachchan

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  1. It is good to learn that a great person has great wishful thinking for human being. Brilliant thoughts ! please keep it up Amit G


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