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You can possess fame and fortune .. status and popularity, but they are not even worth a farthing if your mind is without value

Jalsa , Mumbai           July  22,  2011         Fri  11 : 30 PM
You can possess fame and fortune .. status and popularity, but they are not even worth a farthing if your mind is without value. Value can never and shall never be equated with ones materialistic accomplishments. It shall always be reckoned by the brilliance of your mind that guides the heart towards compassion. The ability to entertain the finer digits of such worth is what shall make our life human, balanced and acceptable. Selfishness to absorb all that emanates into your own, to acknowledge the distorted emblem of ego, to imagine in extreme falsehood that nothing develops or moves beyond the self, is an indelible dark and murky emblem of a mind that needs either to be avoided or treated.
The first sign and one that is unmistakably evident, is the unhealthy practice of finding fault and expressing disgust in all about and around you. It is undoubtedly the most perfect example of putting oneself in a position of superiority, without realizing that in fact it is a desperate attempt to conceal your own inferiority. That cannot and will not be ever a single one sided point of view in life. But those that imagine so, live in a terrible condition of ambiguity. And the deeper the resolve to rid themselves of ambiguousness, the greater the deterioration of the state of the mind.
What then often noticed, is the frequent change in temperament and opinion on matters that abound in daily existence, for, they encompass us with greater regularity than perhaps other more mundane experiences. A temperamental mind is a troubled mind, one that struggles to keep the state permanent. The temperamental mind is in some respects an acquisition, something akin to a pretty face or body. Nature gave it to us in all its glory. But in our penchant to develop something of ‘value’, we often develop that which is undesirable and forced. And so strong and determined is the need to be in possession of some attribute at least, all that is not required, is patronized and nurtured with great aplomb.
In our existence, if we shall always have a question for a question we shall never find any answers. Answers are an important element in our existence. They resolve, explain, bring semblance, sanity and balance. When you walk a tight rope the easiest part is to be unbalanced because it never requires much effort to be so. It is the dexterity with which we conduct each step with outstretched hands to keep us afloat, in the air and on the rope, that finally brings credit to our act. Shutting out reason, sane conduct, and the ability to imbibe rather than convey fact of knowalls, is a condition that shall never give one the goodness of an embrace. Life shall never envelop you. And it is important to be enveloped. For then life guards you fiercely.
I need the assurance of being guarded by life. Its the only protection I have. All the others are so cosmetic, limited and without character. My character is not something that came floating to me on a broomstick. My character is something that I should take pride in developing. Not just for myself but for all those that come in close contact with me. One should endeavor to be that one example that others pine for, or wish its presence. I may lose my fame and money and my status, but if I lose that element of my character which I did build independently, I have lost all …
I have great admiration for those that impart the stillness of their being, of their understanding and their ability to value the presence of their mind above all else. They are true humans and because they exhibit a facet of their possession which is in perpetual short supply, they stand out as different. One different person in a crowd shall always be labelled as that which is incorrect and wrong. Conversely they could also be singled out as almost Godlike for, God is but one - alone, aloof and unknown.
The ‘aakaar‘ of the unknown has troubled mankind from the moment of its first form. Which is why there are but limited Gods and limited religions. They deal with the same issues. And when there is the example of Godlike deed within humanity and on earthly beings, we hastily crown them as Saints.
Saints shall be in limitation. They ought to be, else there would be no suffering. A world without suffering spells utopia, a ‘ram rajya’, which we still crave and strive for, but know deep inside that it may never happen.
That same utopian condition that the human craves for is what we search among us for peace and well being. For the elimination of ego and self possessiveness. Of giving rather than wanting. Of accepting rather than accusing. Of pointing at ourselves in a mirror, than randomly at another.
It requires courage and strength to comply with what you have not. But let me also say that it does not require one to shake an entire world to acquire it. I shall seek because I will it to seek. And, I shall find because I wanted to find. Without effort the ability to accept change shall never fructify. One can either be determined to believe that what they possess is unshakeable and right and justified. Fair enough. But I am determined to let them know that not all situations in life shall put one in an unassailable position. I shall always fear that condition, but shall never be afraid of its consequences, because I know that I am never going to be perfect. And may I never be, for then I would miss that greatest of opportunities to improve … improve my temperament my mind and my being …
It is long and it is late and it is too theoretical tonight …. but …
Amitabh Bachchan

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