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Early mornings routines are early enough. They bring in a sense of dedication towards

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Early mornings routines are early enough. They bring in a sense of dedication towards the routine set for the day. The hot shower does take away the slumber, but turning on the cold immediately after, awakens you up real quick. That loss of breathe as the cold aqua hits the head and chest is the moment of the day. It is that gasp which prepares the rest of the body from the bite of the sudden cold. And indeed the bite of the rest of the day in your life. The best sentiments, ideas and emotions emerge at that moment. They are the corner stones of our existence. It is then that one feels the strength, to capture that which we may never have imagined to get. It is then that one imagines the greatest achievements to be obtainable without as much as a shake of the finger.
And as you dry yourself down, toweling your body to normalcy, one can see the enthusiasm of capturing the best that life has to offer, bursting out of your very fresh and about to be completely dried skin. That moisture that remains in the body, the hair. That flush of the early morning awakening. The spring in the step, the strength in the voice, the lean of the body moving before the feet take position is really what motivates us to our location of conquest.
We engage ourselves into this with the willingness and the desire of immense achievability, to be able to conquer, overcome all odds that may have troubled you since the last hours of the previous night. The confidence exuding, the mind receptive and fresh to imbibe all and everything …
And then as the day and time progresses, the energy begins to wane, deplete and become almost laborious. All that one had imagined and built up in that cold shower suddenly starts to rinse away almost from our system.
That … that ladies and gentlemen of the jury is the moment when the will and the power of it breaks in. That …. is the moment that I mostly wait for. The moment when one is down and almost about to give up, to rise and freshen up to the challenge of the day. Lethargy may have taken over, as may have sleep. It is also quite possible that one may have taken that nap soon after a certain hour of the day and hopes and wishes that that ominous knock on the door to seek indulgence to get back to work seems like the most irritating task, were to be another dream and not a reality. And if it were to be a reality that its time period be extended by just that extra few minutes.
But no ! … if that moment of truth could be overcome, then does all else seem false and surmountable !
I face it each day and each day I say ‘no more ..its not going to happen’, when suddenly the cold fresh up of the morning reminds me of its presence and I lift myself up, shake off all that needed to be shaken off, shout out loud through mouth and vocals that lets do it … do it again and again and again …
And it does happen .. it happens !
Moral of the story : TAKE THAT COLD SHOWER IN THE MORNING !! ha ha ah aha  ahahah …
Good night dearest ones ..
My love for you …
Amitabh Bachchan

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