Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Driving along with a video cam in hand held position, switching on to 3D

Jalsa , Mumbai                   Nov  15 ,  2011            Tue  11 : 26 PM
Driving along with a video cam in hand held position, switching on to 3D .. 3D ?? in camcorder ? what on earth is the world coming to .. it is dark, the night has fallen somewhat desperately over the skies that cover the expanse of this great metropolis of islands, of property having being sold as a gift of wedding in the time of colonialism .. the British, Portuguese, French, Danes … all left indelible marks before the independence .. and so through crowded and over crowded streets, jammed with traffic – cars, trucks, auto rickshaws, people walking about randomly, on side on opposite side, in reverse against the flow of traffic … not a care for rules and traffic signals .. brilliant absolutely .. no one has taught them and no one would .. who cares when they get hit by moving vehicles, blame on the motorist … take out all frustration and burn the car , chase the driver whether at fault or not … those rules they understand … !
Large gates, suddenly from the congestion of shops and more shops wayside into an area which has more space than an entire colony in the suburb .. modern building, efficient staff, clear and clean and disciplined and on to room ..
Cam corder still on switching to 3D and catching long corridor of walk in couple .. laughter and hugs and room and wait and waiting .. writing through computer some interviews pending .. pending on KBC and its effects, its success and its impact on the rest of the country, nay even the seven seas across .. and then a time indication that of time still to come … and so the journey back with RockStar tracks in the wind of the airconditioner and an assimilation of all the thoughts, not necessarily of the film but the possibilities of its presence in our lives .. the possible meeting soon with Ranbir and Imtiaz .. to talk to discuss to know why how and wherefore art thou ..
In snuggle mode with grandchild present and iPad and Apple films and trailers on Tv and the thrill of watching what comes by Christmas or the early part of next year … most interesting stuff … stuff ? wrong word .. apologies … hard labor and sweat of hours and hours of patience to get it all right and true to vision ..
And then to wait … alone up in the solitude of where this is written, contemplated and executed .. damn cannot find the adaptor to charge the camcorder, sorry not camcorder the camera for stills .. but hey the cam corder can do the stills as well … ho ho ho .. had not realized that .. super … relief and a surge of energy … solutions give us that, what we term as ‘job done’ ..

In the morning I read an article from a paper that has a circulation of a zero divided by a zero on KBC and how it has manipulated through me the game contestants and how my fake modesty is being so generously enjoyed by yours truly and so on …
Such a novel idea of getting into the headlines - criticize that which has universally succeeded and every one shall notice you. Many do it and it is to their credit for having thought up such brilliance. But really apart from it being read with that smirk on the face, does it really do any more. Not really I would assume. Why ? Let me explain. The deed has already been done. The success of KBC has been registered and acknowledged and sung about. What then could a negative article do ? The product that has fallen a victim to your swashbuckling vocabulary has passed its time of glory. If the intent was to cause damage to it, sorry, you are late Mr Fourth Estate. So why write now after the success has been pronounced ? Simple. Attention to your ‘sacrosanct’ words. How else would people notice you ? You did not have the gall – modesty and ethics prevent me from putting in the desired rhyming word – to say a word then, because the statistics and public opinion was so severe that you would have been shouted out. Not that you will not even now. But perhaps now there would be not much relevance. Ah ! Such shortsightedness .. a blur on on the horizon, out of focus, immaterial and nondescript. Bless you dear hepatitis jaundiced friend, for such forsaken deed and pathetic demeanor. An insult and complete disrespect to those that have through struggle and perseverance, through harsh conditions and paltry living conditions worked their way up to the hottest seat of opportunity. A shame !!

But let me dwell on matters pleasant and comforting now .. ’tis time for bed … ha ha ha !!

Good night dearest ones ..
I rest and may you be in rest as well .. until ..
Amitabh Bachchan

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