Friday, November 18, 2011

A joy to be able to spend an entire day observing the little one Big B

Jalsa , Mumbai           Nov  17/18 ,  2011      Thu/ Fri 1 : 34 AM
A joy to be able to spend an entire day observing the ‘little one’ … a moment of reflection on the closing of KBC’s last episode for this season … and the feeling of importance on entering a office complex and to observe, that there can still, after 42 years, be a situation when the police will need to be called in to control the crowds !!
This season of KBC has stopped being a mere game show. It has risen above from that level to become a feeling, an uncontrollable emotion of simple and generous connect. A connect that has kept the people of this country together. That has made them realize that there are still many areas in our land that lack basics and that the people from the region do have their basics in tact ! That really is the irony of the situation. And that is why we feel so greatly about those individuals who persevere, struggle for years to get on to the much lauded and celebrated ‘hot seat’ for they know, that if there is something existing that can change their lives, it is this it is this it is this ! The KBC show in its true reality.

But .. what exists in reality is the new born .. its quiet and cuddled existence, covered from head to toe with specially constructed baby wear, its shut eyes and its occasional smile as it dreams of pleasant occurrences in this new world that she has entered …
Visitors pour in today, the space is crowded and full of eatable gifts – chocolates, cakes and more cakes !! They come they express and they write their first impressions and leave. The smiles on their faces signifying joy. This is good. Soon we shall be home and then shall start the process of bringing up. Of teaching and bearing and learning. Of etiquette and manners, of religious indoctrination, of schooling and further monitoring. The decisions to be taken of when and where and who. Eventually ending up with the selection of maturity and of the settling down and marriage … and then one day back to the condition we are in today .. of birth and happiness !
The endless cycle of life rolls by, oblivious of the circumstances that prevail, that may be beneficial to some adverse effect … one does not know .. until we find ourselves exactly where we had left off, at the beginning !!

Until one has something to look forward to, beginnings are odious. You could begin without a thought or destination or desire, you may still get there, but if you did have reason, you would get there faster and enjoy the journey better.
My aimlessness in todays times is deliberate. It has purpose and reason – my grand daughter ! It will keep me concerned and anxious. It shall keep me in joy and happiness, in expectation of the goodness of life for her and the need to do the very best we can ..
The purpose therefore has gone through a change. The concentration is more zeroed in on subject of love and admiration. Life does not do this often. Better to get involved in its doing rather than, lamenting its non presence. If you cannot be present, it is an insult to those that teach the art. I wish to learn and learn much. I need to follow what urges I muster. I need to now be able to do it, not because as age sets in all this, more shall be required. No ! I need to do it because the heart says so. For too long has the head ruled above us … let us give an opportunity to the other, to what comes naturally without any holds barred ..

No holds barred ! let me be with me .. it helps !
Amitabh Bachchan

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