Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wonder where that fresh breath of abbreviation arose from – SHMG

Jalsa ,  Mumbai            Jan 4/5,  2012              Wed/Thu  12 : 33 AM

 Wander not in correctness, it may be false. Wander not in falsehood it may be correct. Wander in, wander out, in falsehood and correctness and ye shall behold a world more suited to the prevalent, than that which we believe to be prevailing.
Push the doors open of that which needs to be recognized irrespective of your own sensibilities, and ye shall find they open to the vastness and beauty of mediocrity. It will and shall always be so, for, those that recognize the delicate and fine, may forever be in a minority. The rule of the majority shall be recognized ever, unless and until they are subjugated by power – the ultimate conqueror !!
Our span of attention has undergone such a vast invasion of technology, that we are now dependent almost instantly on that which comes to us without effort. Solution to the most intricate of queries are resolved by the bank of stored information on super computers, generously connected to the oddest of names in modern times – Google !! Its brand presence has converted itself, through time, from a pronoun to a verb. And at times from a proper noun to one that is more ‘verb’al ! The process of thought, of discussion, of considered opinion has given way to stoppage of all else, because when Googled, there was an answer which cannot be now, beyond any further argument or reason. Add a bit of religiosity to it in expression and one can be seen debating conversation which propounds that Google is the Bible of all information. Indeed, all else as well !
The business of out sourcing, started quite innocently as a deep management exercise essential, has transferred itself to the screen I look upon now as my communicator, guide and most generous friend – one that I cannot now exist without. My hands quiver when I attempt, on that rarest of occasions, to sign a personal letter or my cheque. My spelling senses have been invaded by automated assistance. My reliance on the ‘other mode’ is complete, without any qualm. My own, has gradually given way to that which was invented perhaps to ease load. It has now, much like the carnivorous creeper that devours the very tree trunk it wraps itself around so delicately in the beginning, eaten into our psyche our systems or whatever else it may be called, that operates within us.
The brevity that now forms the messaging mania through our mobiles, may have been a great teacher on precis writing. Particularly so in matters where restrictions run into that magical 140 ! But our knowledge of ‘spelling’, such an important element in the learning of any language, has been overtaken by a lingo which only the very ‘bright’ in their sense can decipher. And I have not even touched upon the whole abbreviated world, yet. Because IMO, I shall be ROTFL or more likely ROTFLMAO were I to be put in such situation ! SHMG ..!!
Wonder where that fresh breath of abbreviation arose from – SHMG ?? Go figure !!
Significantly then and in consonance with prevailing methodology, we are bonded in a way to modernity, in a manner that shall lead us to robotic proportions within the next couple of years. Our manufacturing has already been programmed ! Today they say they have invented through great science, the human sperm. No need for any ‘contributions’ through sexual process. We’ll do it for you ! Infertile ? Not an issue. Got this tube full of ‘reproduction’ which shall be capable of manufacturing what you may desire – a pig, a worm, another human !! DNA shall take care of the desired color of eyes. Err .. could we have a blue and a green on either side and oh ! yes, no illnesses please,  a cross in the box which states cancer, aids and the like .. thank you. We’ll be waiting outside at the delivery counter to pick up our ‘manufactured’ parcel of joy !! Thank you for coming by !!! Next !!

Next …
Next would be sound sleep as rapidly as possible … there is travel tomorrow early to Delhi to the AutoExpo to unveil the first sports model car designed and manufactured in India, by that most talented and creative DC – Dilip Chabbria – innovator, inventor and reputed designer of ome of the most important luxury cars in the world .. yes .. quite unbelievable but true. Contractual obligations prevent him from naming names. But may I say that having had access to some of his work and mind, what I disclose here is not .. not manufactured !!
Love and good night … not necessarily in that order !!
Amitabh Bachchan 

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