Friday, February 10, 2012

An Academy linked with its Internationl counterpart, the CAE

Jalsa  , Mumbai               Feb  9/10 , 2012             Thu/ Fri  12 : 10 AM

The trip to Gondia this morning was a huge revelation, about this very interesting city. The Minister in the Cabinet, Mr Praful Patel, invited me for the festival to celebrate the anniversary of his late Father, a dynamic personality who brought great emphasis on education and educating the lesser privileged. Stories of such strengths from people who began with the most humble beginnings, to now create and establish a modern city, with some of the most prestigious institutions housed there and prevailing well.

An Academy linked with its Internationl counterpart, the CAE, which trains pilots for the future was indeed an exciting moment. Young students, apart from training to be pilots were also involved in creative thinking. Indigenous designs that took care of solutions for the improvement of living in a complex society.

Where there was nothing at all to see they are now crowded with Technical Institutes and colleges and institutions for Commerce and hopefully medical as well ..

This city runs along another river, which remains dry for most part of the year, and as you cross the river you enter the next State , Madhya Pradesh, the state where Jaya comes from.

Among the several facilities made available to the institues, there are also vocations within for those that wish to go for the armed forces. It is indeed a complete and robust environment and one that deserves to be noticed with respect.

Back from there and straight into medical tests and procedures before the surgery. CT Scans and blood tests and IV injections … the lot ! How science has through decades of research and practicals now developed such immense skills, that it is a joy to hear and see the students of today, conscious, bubbling with excitement, keen to prove a point not just to themselves , but indeed the nation !!

I am now hounded about my surgery and given the licence that the media has, it is best to let them know the situation and not allow manufactured news on the matter go out unless checks and balances are done …

Let me just say that the issue and the problem is a legacy of the past in particular the accident of 1982 and Coolie. Subsequent disturbances have all and shall emanate from it. So I should learn to bear it now, feel the compulsion of the doctors to perform what they need to and leave myself and my body at their mercy.

The CT Scan has brought up some new discoveries, other than what I am going in for, and that is depressing, but if we do not have will to fight it out, you may as well, put your hands up and submit. Taking it all one at a time shall hopefully resolve the issues, but waiting is what the doctors advise.


Tomorrow morning it is back to the Bhojpuri film, which has few scenes unfinished, and soon after into the Hospital. Now the issue really is not the surgery, but the factor of a non signal from the hospital premise, so I wonder how I shall be able to message or even write the blog. But we shall find a way.

When you are able to see your dysfunctional organs on a computer screen, and be told of the ailment, I trip back to the early years, when such immediate discloser was never possible. A code of conduct for medical practitioners still exists I believe, and I have not come across obeying them and not give reason for them to draft, something fresh. There are medical wonders through the theory of the laptop and it is hard to find the good old practice of uncomplicated instruments, in conveying the message ..

I get in to the hospital tomorrow evening and then be prepared to be cut open .. a bit insensitive in its description, but you are the Ef .. and may you live long  ..

Love to you


Amitabh Bachchan

PS : Reshmi Phillips … we are with you in this hour of trial .. may your Father's soul rest in peace ..

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