Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alright a legitimate reason for all Ef to revolt in anguish and concern, or even dare to threaten the DHR

Jalsa , Mumbai        Mar 19/20 ,  2012             Mon/Tue   2 : 43 AM

" I'm late, I'm late for a most important date … " wasn't there a song of this nature ? Tried singing it just now as I sat down me weary bones to post. But I can sense a repulsion to the late hours, date be damned .. Alright a legitimate reason for all Ef to revolt in anguish and concern, or even dare to threaten the DHR … but the outcome of a late evening is the joy of spending time with song and music manufacturing at a recording studio near by and forgetting oneself it its depths and joys and pleasures ..

I was wondering on Twitter which way should a string instrument be played if one was both lefty and a righty .. I had strung up a sitar once some years ago and would spend hours with it without any training, to play it. That desire comes back again. Paucity of time in these years of being busy has deprived me of those simple pleasures of spending time with instrument, and inventing on own terms the learning of it .. pulling in a teacher at this late age would be ridiculed, so I refrain and opt for those moments to be free of such encumbrances and need now the time which I have in plenty to tinker around with a Sitar and a Sarod .. !! Okaaay ! Stop those snide giggles, I really mean to do that .. just for my own pleasure … surely I should be given such privilege .. Its either the rocking chair, or this. I would I think prefer 'this' …

So the dilemma really is whether i should work on these string instruments as a lefty or as a righty. When I was earlier tinkering around with the Sitar, it was in normal position … that of a righty … but now I feel maybe I should try the other way .. it could make all the difference … like suddenly I would convert myself into this wizard maestro, giving formal public recitals .. ha ! the joy of wishful dreams ..

If I do opt for the lefty stance they would have to make a special one for me and that would take some time  … impatient to get going immediately, I guess I would get one immediately and start off in the normal position and then when the right one arrives which is supposed to played left, I shall change over. I believe ambidextrous humans have constant brain disorders … I mean the change over outside is quicker than perhaps what the brain needs to adjust with in the same speed inside … I guess .. I am not sure .. brains are complicated machinery … is there not that theory of which ear one holds the mobile to … apparently lefties have their brains on the right side of the head and vice versa, so holding mobile, which does emit reasonable amounts of radioactivity, damaging for all of us, on the left ear is safer than the right ear .. I hold mine on the left ear, which if my brains are on the right side of the head, is the right way to hold it ..

Too many lefts and rights, don't you think .. lets leave it at that ..

Good night and love to all … safer .. many ask for it individually, which would be an arduous task ..

Amitabh Bachchan

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