Thursday, July 19, 2012

I write to you perhaps for the last time on this platform, as briefed.

  Jalsa , Mumbai                July  9 ,  2012                      Mon  10 : 00 PM



Dearest Ef .

I write to you perhaps for the last time on this platform, as briefed.

I have had to make a shift in my domain. This has been necessitated because of certain compulsions from my end. My digital domain is now being restructured as per the regulations and desires of my Company and hence this. For those that have been my companions and my extended family, this is where you need to go to read the daily Blog :, is my new platform and from this moment I shall be putting up my thoughts and words there. I have had a most pleasant conversation with the team at tumblr. in the United States of America a short while ago, and they seemed very excited about our presence on their site. I do hope that you will enjoy this new experience, as much as I look forward to making this fresh beginning.


Before I leave, I must bid farewell to and let them know that they were the ones that pioneered this exercise for me, bore up with all the initial starting troubles and my incessant requests for the introduction of various additions that I had asked them of. You have been a marvelous team, and I do not have sufficient words to thank you for all the cooperation and work put in by you in providing me the incentive to be with my followers for these past years. Individually and collectively your team has been with me round the clock and for this I am most grateful. Your efficiency and your dedication in making this platform of mine live and active is beyond measure. Thank you !


With great love and affection,


Amitabh Bachchan

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