Monday, August 20, 2012

The latter half of the evening has been spent in rehearsing for the book launch

DAY 1582

Jalsa , Mumbai             Aug 17/18,  2012               Fri/Sat  1 : 50 AM

The joys and pleasures of life are intermingled with moments which are filled with remorse and displeasure. You may be loved by the entire universe but there shall always be some that shall doubt that existence. It is that phenomena of which we have talked often, the ‘nazar’ the ‘kala tika’, to ward off the evil ..
I often wonder then, whether it is advisable to exhibit that happiness, for fear of the displeasure it often brings and I feel I have reached that conclusive argument that living in fear is a bigger obstacle, detrimental to our being and to the being of the others that come along with you, than existing in a life that propels one to the pleasures and joys of our lives …
It is often easy to write about it, for in writing there is a sense of being aloof to the meaning of the expressions that you dwell in ; but that would not be a bearing that is fare. And fare play is a greater recommendation than any other. So be in mind body and spirit of truth and fare ness, for nothing touches one more than what this means to us all. There is growing confidence in all that you experience and work with, a freedom that uplifts all else. An uplifted freedom harbors a will to excel at all times. To wipe out all the other isms completely out of our system. This is an ideal situation, a situation which each one of us endeavors the utmost to be in. It survives in some. In others it perishes. When it perishes, it opens its doors to further evil thinking and wrong, and that is what we call the destruction of our self and our body. We are then our own destroyer’s, we build walls and barriers when there really is no need to do so. Walls ? Barriers ? Against what ? No one individual has the power or the capacity to ever penetrate these boundaries that we build with our own sense of responsibility. It is we that shall decide, whether we should be receptive to joy or not - not the other. So when it is joy and happiness that is the desired module, why would we ever want to not possess it, rather than the other.
It takes time and perhaps a few experiences to be able to accept the circumstances and realize, that the person that is responsible, is we ourselves. So why make our own task so difficult. No, never ever entertain that thought which would make us defend our own faults. We know best, and we shall best repair it, or not. It is a challenge whether to live and boil in our own stew, or conduct the flames that inflame us in such manner that only gives us peace and well being !!
The rehearsals for KBC get along well. I say this because I get to be the recipient of many little warm and gentle gifts from those that come even if it is a mock game. Incredible. Like this morning I became the owner of a three wheeler bike, called Trikke, I think the name is right, presented so generously by one of the contestants out of love and wellness. A battery operated vehicle with limited speed for those that find walking troublesome. Why he thought of me is not known. Perhaps he thought I was in a state where my mobility was limited. I am grateful to him and his company that manufactures it. I rode it a bit around the place of rehearsal. It was grand. But I fear it shall be used more often by Agastya, who having just landed in Mumbai, seemed to be eyeing it with expected permission to mount it.

The latter half of the evening has been spent in rehearsing for the book launch of Abu-Sandeep’s 25 years of art and design titled ‘India Fantastique’. An incredible collection of the duo designers work of intricate and most elegant clothing that has made us all look most regal and elegant ! The evening tomorrow shall be decorated with stunning models that have through the years been with them and their designing, and rehearsing with all this tall and most appealing beauty about you has left me a little breathless, I must say. Tomorrow when they shall all be in their finest, it is going to be an even more daunting task. But for those descriptions one shall have to wait till the next day … that is provided I survive the presence of so much creativity about me !
Till the morrow then … good night … and oh yes, I feature in the book too, in a most … naaah ! shall leave that for you to fill in when you see it .. there will be a release in London of it and perhaps one in New York … perhaps …
My love,
Amitabh Bachchan

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