Thursday, September 6, 2012

Moving from one zone to another can be a trying experience

Winds of City for Dhooming thrice        Sept 6,  2012            Thu 6:35 PM time zone

Renate … a very happy birthday to you, wishing you happiness and love always !!

Moving from one zone to another can be a trying experience, especially when it comes to addressing and dating the Blog and the tweets. So if there are some errors in that process, do excuse. Importantly though I hope that the wish for Renate is correct. If not then do shift that greeting to the next day the 7th. Sad that there is uncertainty, but as you move east wards you gain time and date … not the most wishful where there is calibration. So I guess the best to do is stick to the place time and date at destination. Yes that seems to be an answer to the issue …

So after the Blog got destroyed I had some strong words with various individuals in the team and they have reassured me that they shall take all required steps to make sure it does not happen again - a sentiment I do wish reflects in the attitude of some of our most loving Ef and TwFmXt ! I do know and realize that this has been disturbing for many sincere guests on our lovely home, and I do know that most are needing to question and repair the faults … but what we must all know is that the more we talk about it, the more the destroyer feels a sense of victory. May all be assured I am aware of who it is, and they are, like all who wish to destroy, seek personal attention, which when it reaches a stage of abuse and compulsory demand of a more personal nature, turns obnoxious. May they also be aware that their acts are being followed and recorded by policing authorities. And it is not just the formal platform, but all that which is connected with me. It is of a person that has lost mind, and the only cure for it is to ignore. Do not be intimidated by calls and messages of obstructive nature. Merely get them blocked. As have I. Report foul play to policing authorities and chill. Get back here, and feel the warmth of our world. It really is so therapeutic, do you not think. So do not listen, for if you listen you will hear, and hearing has its own negative symtoms.

Ok … too much said on this. There are greater more pleasant issues to be seen and heard  and loved and enjoyed. Like the book release at Sotheby's last night for Abu Sandeep, an evening of crowded celebrities and hoi poloi … hoi poloi, not 'the' hoi poloi, as someone corrected me. Sotheby's they said had not seen such a large turn out ever. The Indian community any where in the world can make even the most insignificant events look important by their presence !

Dame Judi Dench, was a delight to have been introduced to. A soft spoken keen listener, and a complete sport when the lady Mc of the evening mispronounced her name as 'Dame Bench' ! The auction went well, and to great admirers of the produce up for sale - a large black and white photograph of mine, self autographed books, and my shervani that I wore. The shervani went for the most, after I cautioned all that it was the clothing that up for auction not the one that was wearing it ! Dinner followed after at the Dorchester, and seeking early exit I was back home in a bit.

Amidst the large and congested audience one felt like Hamlet and the way his soliloquy was put to frame on the famous speech 'to be or not to be', for the Russian version of the film. The Prince moved within the crowded courtesans of the Palace, with the soliloquy playing aloud drowning out the external sounds. This … much different from the formal positioning of the Prince by the riverside, alone with the Palace in the background.

It is strange but at times the greatest thoughts come either when you are having a bath, or when in the company surrounded by people, and the cacophony of human utterances dull your nerves. Strangely too they disappear when the bath is over or when the crowds have left. Waterproof mobiles and self recording devices that could be discreetly placed on the body would enable us to be richer in keeping our thoughts than allowing them to be destroyed before.

It is surprising too when some of the biggest minds and the ultra successful in business or otherwise, speak not of lofty ideals or the goings on of the business and their social norms, but sweetly inquire details of Aaradhya, the little one !! Makes an evening for a grandfather so exciting suddenly when confronted with such queries.

The money for the auction goes for a charity called 'Break through' which protects the girl child. Protects them against violence and atrocities committed against them, a factor which has gained great significance lately among the learned, and those unaware of such deeds .. It interests me greatly, not just because I am Ambassador for UN for the girl child, but because I have genuine belief in it. In many of our campaigns for KBC, this is what has been highlighted and this is what encourages us to be able to spread awareness to the rest of the world !!

A satisfying day … a day of travel and discovery …

With love,

Amitabh Bachchan

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