Friday, August 9, 2013

Holding the hand that flows within in sequential similarity

Jalsa, Mumbai      Aug 8/9,  2013           Thu/Fri  3 : 01 AM


Holding the hand that flows within in sequential similarity. Holding the care and love of our own. Holding the feelings of those that shall ever remain close. This is the mantra of family.

A deep connect as powerful as any in nature, is what draws us to those that belong to us in transferred genes. In the same blood. In the same countenance. In our word, in our actions and in all that we do and consider. That bond is irreplaceable. This is our family. 

But … this is our extended family too .. and the love and concern you show is beyond words, beyond action and deed. It is what each one of us feels. It is what each one of us embraces each evening day and night. It is the essence of all that can be translated into an unbreakable bond .. a single thread that ties us all together.

It is my pride and my joy that we created this over many years of commitment and understanding. Not seeking any favour or submission to demand or force. It came as naturally to all. It came with passion and a huge degree of compassion. And that is how it shall remain. We are now no longer just another space or platform. We are what can be called a chain as strong and durable as any other measure of strength. It will always have the capacity to sail through the heaviest of weather, the crudest of terrain, and the sludge slime and smut that comes in its path, strewn by elements, who have slobbered in that mire of unadulterated muck, blinkered, misguided and indoctrinated beyond repair. They were born human only to be lost in the inhuman dross and scum that surrounded them. They shall now live eternally in those unremovable stains that stink and darken their presence …

I was with Shahrukh and Deepika and Rohit Shetty on the train to 'Chennai' along with Agastya, by the courtesy of  UFO, and the ride was most enjoyable ! And now wished to not get off it without my other passengers - my EF. So here I am … and here I go ..

Good night and my love to all ..

Amitabh Bachchan

ps : O !! and remember I did an ad., with the South Stars and in particular Manju Warrier from Kerala, on a trust film for Kalyan Jewelers .. well the company tells me that the video on YouTube has touched 2 million hits !!

Mahendra Gorele

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