Saturday, August 17, 2013

The year that India got its Independence from the British

Jalsa, Mumbai      g 14/15,  2013          Wed/Thu  2 : 08 AM

It is day 1947 , and what a coincidence .. it is the year that India got its Independence from the British .. Aug 15, 1947

Nitish S Murthy … a very happy birthday on a most auspicious day - 15 th August … love peace togetherness always …
There is something about your own flag. There is always something about your own identity - your name your country your place of birth your parents - your flag ! Once you hold it beholds an entire nation and its nationality. Who ever did think of the flag. The flag to signify who we were, in battle, in life in everyday living.That flowing square or triangular piece of cloth, bearing the connotations of what the identity represented, became the symbol of all that one could represent, in ownership, in connection, in pride and in honour.

Sticking the flag of our nation meant conquest, not just of another region, but conquest overt the beliefs and principles of the nation it represented. Raising it to a mast gave it its dignity. When it flows above our land or any land, it gives us a possessiveness unseen and unheard of. When it is draped around you it lends itself to a certain grace never seen before - the ultimate. In victory it gives us the power of our winning. It adorns all that we admire and give the highest form to.

Seen at various forums, it creates an emotional bond. It cheers for you, grieves for you too. Its pride of place is always higher than any other. This piece of cloth attains so much more than just its presence created and made from material !

Long may the 'tiranga' live and long may its relevance in our lives remain ever !

Jai Hind … and Happy Independence Day .

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