Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Shamitabh my new film with the highly successful and talented Dhanush

 Switching one to the other is a boon to those that can accomplish this unnatural feat. There shall be admiration ever for them that, despite the trap they fall in, are able to survive and exist in such environs.
There needs to be endeavour to survive the effects of this activity. Many there are in this universe that are able to do so .. many do not, even though they believe in them.
I would like to believe that an arrogance of known facts .. and arrogance of behavioural belief, shall never last the test of time. Time that shall endeavour to bring about a view point that shall be all inclusive and all cosmopolitan. Time is not property to any - you can possess it or not, but it shall never have capacity to be caught, for it moves with the times of time.
Many are they that defy such. They encounter the intricacies of time, only to be wiser and better equipped. Better equipped to be able to stave off any impressions of negativity that often befalls us ..
Many succumb though to this vagary. They fall never to rise. They may be right to have accepted such. Many do not. Many opt for another favourable moment, a slight of hand, the option of a possible misjudgement .. and many other ..
But what prevails in the end of it all is the factual impressions of fact and truth. These are immortal givens in life. They shall only change if the universe were to change, geographically, meta physically, scientifically or astrologically. Time though shall always prevail even in the most adverse. It is our only constant, our only perpetual, our companion for life - if life remains limited … as the present case may be … !!
Amitabh Bachchan
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