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The remote sources of help Waseem Raja in KBC BigB

Jalsa, Mumbai               Oct 18/19,  2014               Sat/Sun  12:48 am 

From the darkness of the night and the terror of uncertain life … from the devastation in the surround .. from the shrieks and cries of help … from the imbedded streets and buildings and vehicles under rapids of food water .. from lives lost, to lives of destruction … from the fear of survival, to the succour of brave hearts .. from humanity to humans .. from beyond the bindings of caste and creed and religious and social bias … from the meagre to the remote sources of help …

Rose many a brave … un concerned and un cared for in their own, but determined to bring those under threat of eventual perishment, to safety and secure locations .. providing them basics of food and water and a space to lay down .. one man, but many like him .. saved 5000 to 6000 lives … they are the true heroes of our great nation ..

They left their own to save others whom they had never met or known .. they worked for days without food or rest .. without any care for self .. just an instinct  within to serve those in need selflessly ..

We honoured one such on our KBC .. Waseem Raja … a young man with a young wife and two tiny children … travelled to the call of his friend some 5 kms away when he heard they were in trouble because of the devastating flood waters that were rising at rapid speed, inundating houses, buildings vehicles streets … everything that came nature’s way … searched for a boat somehow and clinging on to the overhead power wires pulled his little life support shikara to bring thousands of stranded families helpless and without hope from the roof tops of their homes …

Stories of bravery by the Sikh community and their Gurudwaras that opened up their gates for free ‘langars’ and the Masjid’s that became relief areas for those stranded to rest and be in safe regions .. of one particular Sardar, who removed his turban and binding it to those struggling against the waters, pulled them out of trouble .. of tearing his turban up to bandage a bleeding survivor .. the turban the most sacred apparel of the Sikh’s .. but put to use for the good of humanity ..

The Army the forces and their relief operations, bringing food and material from the air, patrolling the streets in rubber dingy’s to save lives, flying them to secure regions, opening relief camps with medical facilities ..

I do not know where they get the strength from in such conditions … the human is a rare species … it is never aware of its capacity .. its potential .. its power ..

When used and utilised for the right cause can truly ‘move mountains’ ..

We stand in silence for those that lost their loved ones .. and silently too salute those that saved the lost ..

Amitabh Bachchan 

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